The All-New Award-Winning PowerCore II Slim: 15% OFF

Here in the hallowed halls of Anker, we’re no slouches in the innovation department. After a series of major successes like we’ve had with our portable charging line, many folks would be content to settle down. Kick back and let the praise roll in, getting fat and lazy on a Cheeto-dust covered sofa while watching Judge Judy all day.

But not us. We’ve got no time for resting on our laurels.

That’s why we’ve given our acclaimed signature portable charger, PowerCore 10000, a massive upgrade. PowerCore II Slim 10000 is the latest in our next-generation series, offering more power, faster charging speeds, and an all-new look that can only be described as “gourmet eye candy.”

We’ve mentioned before how PowerCore II Slim has garnered international fame, earning both the Red Dot and iF Design awards. Read on below to find out why…

Faster Charging

Our resident R&D wizards have conjured up a brand-new charging chip that combines previously separate components into one. This means less space being taken up by silicon, and more room for charging power.

Give any of your devices a lightning-fast charge from a single combined PowerIQ and Quick Charge 3.0 port. Whether you roll with Apple, Android, or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered.

PowerCore II Slim also replenishes its own battery faster than ever. Just 4 hours plugged-in gives you 2-4 spare phone charges (depending on what you’re packing) to take with you into the wild blue yonder. Never again deal with the frustration and embarrassment of missing important messages because you forgot to charge your phone.

Bigger Capacity

Fully juice up your iPhone 7 over 3 times—that’s days and days worth of battery life. Plugging into the wall? :unamused: Soooooo 2015.

Better Portability

PowerCore II Slim’s distinctive slimline design and wicked-compact size allows it to be easily carried along with your smartphone. Stack your phone on top of your PowerCore II Slim on the shelf, or in your hand while browsing Reddit, Facebook, or your Tinder matches*.

*It’s a proven fact that using Anker makes you more attractive, so go ahead and swipe right on that 10/10. Awwww yeeeeeah.

Just like PowerCore II Slim, full to the brim with charging power; you’re about to overflow with excitement about getting your hands on one. That’s why we’re giving you 15% off.

This deal will end when supplies run out, so click the link below to get Slim today.

Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 Power Bank
Regular price:$32.99
Deal price:$27.99
Valid time: Limited quantity. First come, first served.
US only


“Soooooo 2015” :joy:

On the plane now to Nashville. This would have been a nice addition to my collection.

Keep up the innovation, team!


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Does it have IQ 2.0?

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great deal, looking forward to getting one of these

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So this is why @Munchy won :yum:

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looks good! I`ll recommend it to my friends

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Does it input and output with QC 3.0 or is it just 2.0 on one of them?

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I dig the look of it. And having 10000mAh is a win. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it accept Quick Charge 3.0 technology. For the other question: does it have IQ 2.0? The PowerCore II Slim which was announced at MWC Barcelona 2017 is a great battery, slim, portable, light, slick, and with a built-in upgraded PowerIQ chip that can dispense up to 18W of current, which makes it compatible with most fast-charging devices. However, this chip is still officially a PowerIQ chip.After running many tests on our PowerCore II Slim, we discovered that the PowerIQ 2.0 charging chip still had room for improvement. Therefore, we decided to delay the launch of PowerIQ 2.0 until later this year.:slight_smile:


Thank you for that information.

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So is that why it is so physically big?

It is more volume and weight than the Powercore 10000.


They had to leave some room for improvement.

I’ve got a review coming next week

oh lordy, there is so much room for improvement. USB-C 3A 5V 15W single socket version. Dual socket version. Physically smaller with tuned electronics. I can wait, I reckon I have all the Powercore I need til my tablet breaks and I probably go to Chromebook with more hungry.

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Everytime I purchased a new and slim Anker Power Bank, they will come out with an even slimmer one few months later. LOL Highly recommended product and I love Anker Power Bank.

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You can wait for the next generation.:grin:

Not on offer in U.K. :sob: But looks ace

USB c would be great

It should be available in the UK soon!! Stay tuned!:grin:

I am waiting for a slim battery pack that has 2 usb ports. That would be great!