The ability to register Anker products on their website

I have quite a few Anker products but I would like the ability to register them all with anker so it is clear for them to see what I have and if there is an issue with a product (very rare I know!) it would be easy to contact them. Equally Anker could release a product that in then find out later there is a fault with them that would mean a recall and therefore Anker could contact the people affected quickly and precisely. I would like to see all my product consolidated online personally.

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I really wish this was a thing as it would save time and also the hassle of keeping track of serial number as well as where/when you purchased something

I love that we do not need to register devices here. The way Anker have the serial number on there devices means they do not get rubbed off (certainly I’ve never had one become illegible).

However I’m in the habit of taking a picture of the S/N + model of things I buy. It then gets stored in Google photos and if I need it I simple search for it.


That’s a great idea, I will go through my anker products and take pics of all the serial nunbers. My main concern was the little tag on the cables, I already had one rip off. Luckily I found it in my cat so I retired that cable to emergency use. And the tag is taped around the connector

Excellent suggestion!

Oh yea, I forgot about the tags on cables! I peel them off after the picture. I have a thing against stickers… :joy_cat:

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