The 5 Things Every Amazon Shopper Needs to Know!

Hi, Anker fans!

As you know, we first connected with many of you, as well as millions more worldwide, through our store on the Amazon platform. As Amazon continues to absorb more and more of our shopping lives, it’s important to stay informed of the latest tips and tricks for making your online shopping experience a great one.

Here are some things to keep in mind while rummaging around in Jeff Bezos’ giant closet.

Don’t Forget Coupons!

It’s always worth checking out Amazon’s coupons page before heading out to the listings. You might discover deals there that you would never have gotten otherwise!

Trade In and Trade Up!

Something you might not know is that Amazon operates a trade-in program! Do you have any older electronics that you’d like to get rid of? Just send them to Amazon, and they’ll compensate you with store credit for use online.

Buy It and Get It Today!

In about 8,000 cities, same-day delivery is available for certain products. You’ll want to check here to see if your city is one of the lucky ones where you can buy with a click in the morning, and have your new product in-hand that afternoon!

Browse the Warehouse

Sometimes customers return perfectly good products that they decide they don’t really need after opening the box. Maybe they just don’t like the color! So where do these returned products go after they get sent back to Amazon? The Warehouse, of course. Here you can search a plethora of returned items to find a previously-opened-yet-perfectly-working product that’s perfect for you, at a price that’s perfect for your wallet.

Use a Price Tracker

It would be pretty much impossible for a lone human to figure out what the best deal on Amazon in a given day could be. Thankfully, you can utilize certain third-party websites (like CamelCamelCamel) to keep track of the hottest deals and lowest prices available on Amazon.

We hope these tips get you saving a little money, Anker fans! Do you have any techniques of your own that you’d like to share with us? Let’s discuss below!

Power on, power shoppers!


Great article. Is it still a tip to use prime :slight_smile:?
I used to buy a lot of stuff from Amazon and their support is really good.

Good tips @AnkerOfficial :ok_hand:

Nice tips for beginners!

My best tip on here is that you can combine tip 1 and 3.

By using a coupon the $35 threshold for Same Day Shipping will calculate the price pre-coupon. So let’s say you have a $10 item with a coupon that brings it down to $1 you will only need to buy $25 worth of stuff. Assuming they’re both eligible.

I wish I had same-day delivery available! Actually, maybe not… I would just end spending more on Amazon :joy:


Now that I finally made it to our new place, I’m eligible for 1 day shipping Yay!!
But darn it I have to be careful and not buy too much or my wife will kill me, lol.


Some good ideas

Good report

great tips!!!

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Great tips!

I would add the subscrive & save option as well, for those items that you buy on a regular basis - diapers for parents, for exemple. There are many products that allow subscription, it’s worth a look.

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Price tracker…
Keepa is very good, and keepa have a addon for chrome, and firefox

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Thank you for the great links! I used to search for the pages but now have them bookmarked

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I’ve traded my previous two phones in on Amazon, and they gave me the best deal on my iPhone SE. I scroll through the deals every few days (got a Powerline+ II lightning cable for CHEAP), and I’ve purchased things that were listed as having opened packages (Sony blu-ray player, Anker CD Slot Car Mount Holder) and they work perfect. I have no issues looking for deals on Amazon to help save a buck or two!

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Unless you need the item quickly, I highly recommend taking the “No Rush” shipping offer.

I’ve found in most cases the item still arrives in 3-4 days, plus you get a bonus credit for things like movies, music, etc.


Nice article :ok_hand:

I was going to mention that. I use Keepa with the Safari extension. It allows me to see what the lowest price has been and decide if I should wait or get it then. It also track Amazon’s Lightning Deal prices.

Another tip is to join Facebook groups that offer deals. I’ve purchased a bunch of items that were anywhere from 25-80% off. Of course you have to catch the deals quickly. Make sure you don’t do any reviews for these items because Amazon will bring the thunder on you…they don’t like when you do reviews on items you get at a discount or for free.

I do this a lot. I end up using my credits for things like movie streaming.

Btw, @AnkerOfficial, great article. Shopping on Amazon can be quite addicting :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been using Amazon for over 10 years and we don’t really use Prime. We use my parents family prime when needed. Its a great service but only one person in your family need it.

I’ve been thinking about trying out CamelCamelCamel for items I want but want to see if I can catch it at a lower price.

We use Subscribe and Save and found it can a great option and it saves you a few dollars the more you have listed. But you have to be careful, sometimes these items are more expensive than your local store and sometimes you can find it cheaper on Amazon listing.

nice tips although now days most big stores (target/walmart) will price match Amazon pricing…and even though I’m in one of the city that offer same day it’s just not what it is anymore.

Oh I have another one. Use AmazonSmile to help contribute a portion of your purchase (At no cost to you) to one of the listed charities.


I need to do a better job of couponing and using price trackers. Thanks for the advice!