Thanksgiving Giveaway on the Horizon

Anker has shared on social media that a Thanksgiving Giveaway is coming soon. They are asking people what they would be grateful to win.

Pictured is
-PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable
-PowerCore 5000
-SoundCore 2
-PowerCore Speed 20000
-PowerPort Speed 1 PD
-PowerPort Speed 2
-PowerCore+ 10000
-PowerDrive Lightning
-SoundBuds Flow/Slim/Slim+ (?)

So, what would you like to see on the Thanksgiving giveaway? And what are you most grateful for about Anker?

Personally, I’d love to see the Roav VIVA or the Upgraded LC40. I’m very grateful that Anker cares so much about their customers. They truly are a unique brand.


I would be grateful to win anything from anker. Aside from that I am grateful to be a part of such an awesome community


I would be grateful for the Roav SmartCharge F2 and grateful for the effort Anker puts in to the quality of their products.

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I still use the PowerCore 5000 from the Thanksgiving giveaway last year. I also have a 10400, but I wouldn’t mind a bigger PowerCore (I’d end up gifting the 10400) or a SoundCore. I don’t particularly need anything, but I use everything they send my way.

I’m thankful that they value their customers as much as they do. I don’t know of many companies who are as consumer friendly as Anker is.

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all of those would make me the happiest anker fan in the world!

definitely POWERHOUSE!

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extra PD power bank wont hurt! :smiley:

That being in social media implies just discount codes. That is not a “give away” as in free like we do get here fairly often (for which we must sing for our supper).

-PowerPort Speed 1 PD
-PowerPort Speed 2

I’d buy a Powerport 2 PD. Basically this with 2 PD and 2 or 3 IQ rather than 1 PD and 4 IQ.

60W is about right Wattage, just spread more into 2 PD and 2 or 3 IQ on some priority basis. @AnkerOfficial happy to be a sounding board on your options!

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It could go either way.

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Last year they did

Personally I would love to see a pair of soundbud slim + up for a contest but really you cant go wrong with anything anker soooo

Good luck that has been mentioned a million times here, to no avail.

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Would like to see power-banks and speakers on Thanksgiving. I am most grateful for a caring company with a super community

While a lot of people want a powerhouse it’s in practical given its cost. Not to mention everyone wants it


I am really intrigued with the PowerCore Fusion… from what I see, this lil thing can be a game changer…

Charger & Power Bank all in 1 portable item…

I am thankful for Anker’s ingenuity to create such a product.

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I participated, writing that I would love to win some SoundBuds Slim+

I’m leaning towards mainly discounts for Thanksgiving / Black Friday with perhaps a small competition giveaway (most likely US only).

Probably a larger giveaway at Christmas…hopefully they will also do the system chosen points/bucks again as a fill in for members :smile:


I would be grateful to win the SoundBuds :heart_eyes:

Anyone have a guess as to which earbuds are pictured?

Serge :ear:

Edit: Slim +