Thanks to the ANKER community!

Just wanted to say thanks to ANKER for the awesome gift. Also, this is a very unique community. It’s not like most other shame based, make you feel stupid for asking questions, community. If you don’t ask questions to your problem, How do you expect to learn the answer? And this community is much more than post some shit, win some shit. Read the post’s from these people! They know their shit about these DEPENDABLE, INNOVATIVE, HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE COMPETITION, KICK ASS PRODUCTS! Congratulations to the other winners:@k_pug2003 & @Mark_Dunsmore & Thanks again to ANKER.


What product did you win?

oh come on…


That’s it. I’m giving up on life…


I’m glad you are enjoying the community. I happened to win an item within a month of joining and I’ve been hooked ever since. There are definitely some nice people in the community and Anker does makes great products! Enjoy your new item :+1:


Funny. I won an item before joining and that’s what convinced me to join :joy:. I’ve already won another item as you know.

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Well I won my first item on the Thanksgiving giveaway. I won a PowerPort II. So far I have won 2 items as well @Anjou1888


Didn’t you just win the car streaming things in the valentine giveaway???

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Yea the Roav Bluetooth Receivers. That was my 2nd item. What was your first?


Ohhhhh. I though the powerport II was you second item :joy::joy::joy:. My first was the soundcore flare. Great anker product. Probably one of the best.

That’s my review.


That was your review? It was well written. Nice job on highlighting the selling points. I didn’t know it had LED lights. I always want my speakers to have them

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Thanks! I would highly recommend this speaker. Although, anker gives them away all the time.

Awesome, I’ll be on the lookout then :+1:

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Same for me. I won on one of my first 2 power draws and got pulled into it. Cannot complain one bit as I have been able to have a couple of other co-workers join after seeing my excitement.

I have also won two items. The PowerCore+ mini and Eufy Smartscale (which hasn’t arrived yet). What attracts me here are the reviews, new tech coming out, and of course all of you knuckleheads that make this forum awesome. The prizes are just a plus added to the wisdom gained! Oh and knuckleheads = term of endearment…


“why do you need to do a review theirs tons of them on the community” im sure thats what you said to me… im joking btw :joy:

I like the word knuckleheads.
I remember this when forced to read some texts in school 60 years ago.
But what a shame I had to take a dict.
How is this disease called “Alzhuber”, “Alzinger” or Altmeier (Ouhh,
made a mistake, seems to be the name of a German minister: NO political stuff) Apologize! :joy:


I said that to prove a point. I was being completely sarcastic.

Scousers have a similar name, but more insulting than endearing… Soft head.

In Wales we had… Wazzock
Oi bud, you’re such a wazzock!

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Just to make you feel better Andrew I won the PowerCore 26800 Dual Input in the November Power Draw and have been hooked since.