Thank you guys!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to create this topic to thank Anker for the quick response to an issue I had with one of my cables (It was defective) they asked what the problem was, gave me a quick answer and sent a replacement which I’ve been using for a couple days now, the new cable works so well!.. Thank you guys!:heart:


Anker customer support really is impressive. They really do everything they can to please us. Thumbs up !

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Nice! I’m glad they were able to hook you up with a replacement!

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Thats Anker for ya

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The support staff and customer service group at Anker are awesome. I haven’t had to use the support yet but I do get emails (not every time) from them after I purchase something of theirs off Amazon. Usually asking how we like the product and letting us know if theirs an issue to contact them.

You are welcome, that’s what we should do!:grin:

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When you have any problem with any of Anker’s devices or products, if you contact the Anker Team, they always give you a solution, usually you get a replacement. I consider that they are serious and responsible with the customer satisfaction commitment.

So true. I had to deal with them twice, and they really satisfied me everytime !