Thank you for paving the way. It’s our turn now

Click the link and try to guess our new product.
You’ll have a chance to win this new product if guessed correctly.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Enter your email address and answer the riddle for your chance to win

  2. 1,000 mystery prizes will be given away to entrants who get the correct answer

  3. Event begins June 4th, 2019 and ends June 13th, 2019

  4. US only

  5. All winners will be notified by email by June 20th

  6. Prizes will be shipped in July 2019

  7. Anker reserves the right of final explanation


oh us onlyy

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New product usually first sold in the US market. If the market feedback is good, we will quickly introduced it in other countries.:innocent:


Ahh I entered but I live in the uk :joy::joy:


I could hazard a guess from what I believe are two clues in verse but alas…US only :frowning2:

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I’m.not completely sure if USA only, as the Facebook version doesn’t say USA only.


I’m stumped with that riddle :confused:

I’ll take a hint! :joy:

I have no idea on the riddle :frowning:

What is a famous pink bunny?

What does Anker do well?

Playboy Battery??


When I first saw this event ad bunny… the first thing which flashed to me was the Energizer Ad Bunny :smile:

You see the drums have fallen in the Anker event

and not to forget Duracell (thanks to @MSTR )

Anker Ad has it on the left

no more hints :wink:


That’s what I thought too…

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i had the duracell one before

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you are right as well…

So there we have … i pretty well know what the product is

I edited my previous post, included both

That was my thoughts too but was not sure with their little clue as well LOL

I’m glad im still in the US :joy:

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Ok I know what the answer is 100 percent. I will not explain how I figured it out unless Anker wants me too and can explain how I figured it out so that they can change this in future contest of this type. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I’m ashamed of you @technicallywell :pensive:

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