Thank you Anker Roav C2!

Preaching to the choir but the Anker Roav C2 is worth 100x its weight in gold.

My Anker Roav C2 perfectly captured an incident last week where I was rear ended in traffic and the other driver attempted to flee. The high G shock sensor capture the impact and wide angle lens recorded her nearly hitting two other vehicles trying to speed away. The make, model, license plate, and surrounding details made for an airtight case in my favor. I did catch up to her and managed to get her information.

Throughout the exchange, she made all sorts of claims such as not being sure if she actually hit me. The camera proved this was not true as the first thing she did after stopping was check the front of her car. She also told the insurance company she and her friends were in fear of their lives as I has been aggressive. Once again the camera proved this was a lie and showed the opposite occurred. Despite the events, I remained calm, never raised my voice, and only ask for relevant information. Her male companion repeatedly postured himself in a way to appear intimidating. The female companion used quite a bit of foul language and suggested multiple time I was at fault. One final claim was there was no safe place to pull over. The camera captured no less than 10 locations including several designated for such emergencies where she could have safely stopped. In fact the place she finally stopped at was a busy thoroughfare with “No Stopping” signs all along the sidewalk. The Roav also captured those signs.

When I filed the claim with her insurance company, I mentioned that I had captured the entire incident on dashcam. The agent ask I provide the footage to back my statement and rebuttal to the claims of the other party. I sent in the clips that evening and by 10AM the next morning, the agent informed me their client was 100% at fault, everything I stated was true, and they wanted to fully settle the matter to my satisfaction.

Thank you Anker for the Roav dashcam! Without the excellent video, it would have been “he said, she said” and a messy drawn out claims process.


Thanks for sharing your story and I’m glad you’re ok!

That is an awesome story and outcome. Thank you for sharing your story. Dashcam have become a necessity for cases like yours. I’m so glad to hear that it helped your case. And I’m proud to own a Roav dash cam myself. Also glad that you’re ok. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can sell your story to Anker as PR material :slight_smile:


I love stories like this. I’m seriously considering getting one each for myself and wifey…

Enjoye reading your story.

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Wow glad to hear you are alright I was just in an accident myself, luckily no one fled, but that is amazing! Can you send me the link for what you have? That’s something I’m definitely interested in. Again glad to hear you’re ok and that #Anker was able to assist in getting you what was rightfully yours!

Wow great, thank you for sharing! Glad the dash cam helped you out in this situation. This is wild because without the cam, it would’ve been hard to prove and you may have had to pay. I thought since you were rear ended the other person was automatically at fault… Glad it worked out in your favor!

I forgot to ask, did you have the camera facing the front or the rear?

Yeah, without witnesses or camera, something like this is impossible to prove in court. Taking it to court may be more costly than the damage itself

Great story. Mine caught some idiot pulled over on a shoulder of a rural highway during a standstill traffic jam. We had been sitting about 10 minutes and he got impatient and decide to run up the shoulder until couldn’t go any further. While he was driving on the shoulder the jam started to move. We got up to about 20 miles an hour and he was going at least twice as fast.

Instead of stopping he cut across the closest lane cutting off a heavy wide loaded tractor trailer (nearly causing him to jack knife) and doing a u-turn into on coming traffic. He caused a car to slam on his breaks so he wouldn’t the guy. The car was then rear ended by a farm truck hauling heavy equipment. This caused a multi car pile up.

My dash cam footage (never showed his plates, he to far ahead of us) wasn’t needed since there were 20 other eye witnesses and the guy who caused the accident was never caught.

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Thanks for sharing your story, dash-cams these days I think are a necessity, never drive without mine anymore…

…perhaps Anker should try and make a partnership with a car brand to have theirs installed during production :grin:

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Thanks for your story