Than you Anker - SoundCore Boost

Sounds really good with all types of music. My daughter keeps hijacking it from me to play with her friends. I know what I’m buying her for Christmas. For my taste I wish there was a little more high end on the snares etc. But, I’m getting old and of course it goes. I did have a situation with the first unit I bought from Walmart. The USB charging port failed. The design can’t take pulling the cord in in out with recklessness. I contacted Anker support and informed them of my problem with the unit. Within a week I had a replacement. They even paid for me to ship the unit to them. I looks like if you buy your Anker from an authorized dealer they will most certainly honor their 18 month warranty. Now let me go and snatch back my SoundCore Boost from my daughter cause I’m in the mood for some tunes. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. ~ David


Yes! Really liked that you can turn on & off bass on it too.

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Yep the Boost is a very good speaker, not my main one as of late (x2 Flare’s) but it does still get some weekly use :grin:


Yup, good speaker but I personally found I preferred the flare x2 which is why I gifted the one I brought away. But my old coworker loves it and he said he uses the boost every night


I don’t have the boost.
But it may have a similar sound as the Pro+.
Great bass.
Sometimes too much.
So an adjustment with a comfortable equalizer has to be made.

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Do you use app?

If so, they usually co.e with some fairly good tonal adjustments. Plus a half decent EQ (I use Poweramp, and the adjustments on there are really good, can really shape the music as you like).

I use Poweramp as well with Android and Banshee with LINUX.
Both have perfect equalizers.
Many equalizers are quite useless with features like “little room”, “jazz”, “classic” …

Totally agree.

We don’t need spatial sounds on a pocket speaker,/headphones.

Anyone using a pro system, would be downloading to a proper device, and.playi g through amp n proper sprakers., Again, no need for spatial effects.