Text with Verification Code never received

I’m trying to set up my cell phone as a Trusted Phone Number for Two-factor Authentication. However, I never receive the texts with the Verification Code.

What item do you want to verify?
What cell phone are you using?
Some more details are needed, please.

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I am trying to setup Two-factor Authentication for logging into my account in the EufySecurity app. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with AT&T wireless service. I just upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and had the same issue - I never receive the text with the Verification Code.

Check your spam folder, also make sure your using the email you log into your account with for the 2 factor authentication

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That’s odd, did you get it resolved it?

I have no problem with getting the mail. I am trying to set up via text to my cell phone. I never receive the text.

No resolution yet.

Depending on phone service the text could be blocked by your carriers robocalling app Depending in its settings if you use one. I know I had to turnmine off because it wouldn’t let me get text from my bank

Hmm so weird, and did you check your email to make sure you didn’t get an email about suspicious activity?
Just trying to brainstorm here…

I don’t have any robocall/spam blocking app active on my phone. All other verification code texts from other accounts come through just fine from both 10-digit phone numbers and 5-digit short codes.

Nope, no suspicious activity emails.

I just tried sending it to my fiancée’s phone and same thing, the text never came through. She is on the same AT&T account. Next, I tried my business line which is VoIP through RingCentral. That worked! My guess is that either the texting service is not sending it to AT&T properly, or it’s being blocked by AT&T somehow. Either way, it seems odd as I would expect to find a lot more people complaining about a similar issue.

This usually happens when someone entered their own incorrect phone number, then didn’t get and sent again and again… Meanline the number they sent to then marks it as spam to the network who then block it. Someone now is trying to tell the network it’s not spam and so problem will go away probably.

Solution? Don’t ever put the wrong number in (they probably don’t know they did it…)