Testing the world's fastest 40W wireless charger vs 40W cable charging speeds

Some interesting facts:

Huawei P40 Pro+ 40W wired charging 40W wireless charging
15 minutes 30% 25%
30 minutes 50% 44%
50 minutes 80% 74%
70 minutes 100% 95%
82 minutes - 100%

What are your thoughts about a 40W wireless charger?
Would you buy one?
When do you think Anker will make one?
What price point would be acceptable?

Good it exists. Wireless suits convenience top up situations, pickup putdown frequently locations, but I don’t attach a significant value to that.

I’d accept an included bundled one but not pay extra.

Not until it’s a standard which is popular. Anker focuses on what is popular, and a reliable cost-effective version.

Free to a couple of $

What are your thoughts about a 40W wireless charger?

  • Good to have, but not essential - most users already have a lot of backup power source handy

Would you buy one?

  • Not until Apple supports it

When do you think Anker will make one?

  • Agree with Professor, I dont see Anker making one until this is popular

What price point would be acceptable?

  • $10 to $15

So what wall charger is required to achieve 40W?

LOL … better than FREE… unless you are chosen to test it for free, I don’t think you will have it for that price range…

Also, it depends, only Huawei devices will accept it for now, other brands need to develop tech to accept wireless fast charging…

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each brand will create its own proprietary wireless charging standard…

At one side, everyone talks about making USB-C a single standard for wired charging, and on other side wireless charging is having its own share of joyride

I am happy with Anker wireless charging products I currently own (Wireless Pad, Wireless Stand, PowerWave+ Pad), and not planning on any new ones for at least next couple of years

There is for sure advantage in upping wireless from the current Qi populat maximum of 15W.

$20-$30 Powercore always with you if you’re out for more than a couple of hours, means I have never had a flat phone, for… years. I connect it when I’m sat down still and lasts a long day, so I’m never needing a fast charge.

Pretty excited the charging speeds are increasing, I’m excited as long as we don’t get another note 7 situation lol