Test Wi-Fi Signal gives weird results

When I select from:

Main Menu | My Devices | HomeBase | Connection | Test Wi-Fi Signal

I get this result:

On the homepage, the connection of the cams is shown as well:

Why is the test showing low connections while the homepage is showing normal connections?

BTW, my HomeBase also shows as poorly connected:

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Hmm, there’s also a difference between the Connection page (where I have a poor connection - 1 mark):

…and the Wi-Fi Setup page (where I have full connection of 4 marks):

Maybe you have a solid connection with your router but the internet connection is unstable. It does happen from time to time on routers and a hard reset of you modem and router may be in order. Hope this at least helps some.

Mine shows as weak signal initially , if I hold on to the page for a minute or so, I will get the actual status, which is normal. Also it fluctuates as the signal has to pass through the obstructions.
Try to hold it for few minutes and let it refresh to get the correct status of your network.