Test Soundcore Infini for FREE!

Calling all content creators!

Do you love creating high-quality product reviews on social media? Do you want a FREE Soundcore Infini to test and review? If the answer is ‘yes’, today’s your lucky day!

We’re looking for 10 tech lovers to test and review Soundcore Infini—our latest integrated 2.1 channel soundbar.

To deliver immersive cinema sound direct to your living room, Infini is equipped with 2 tweeters, subwoofers, and bass ports to fuel its huge 100W output. 3 sound modes allow you to tailor the audio to your entertainment, while wired and wireless connection options give you greater flexibility.

And it’s not just great sound, Infini is only 2.2 inches high so it can be discreetly mounted on the wall or placed under your TV.

If that’s piqued your interest and got your creative juices flowing, enter by sharing this event on your social media, then leaving your review plan and a screenshot of the shared page in the comments below.

We will pick the 10 users with the best review plans to win a FREE Soundcore Infini. If you have made high-quality reviews in the past or are an influencer, feel free to let us know so we can take your experience into account.

Good Luck!

Testing Rules:

  1. Share this event on your Facebook or Twitter and leave your review plan for Soundcore Infini in the comments below with a screenshot of your the shared event on your social media.

  2. Each participant will earn 100 PowerBucks just for entering this event.

  3. This event runs from September 24th to October 5th, 2018. The winners will be announced on the community on October 8th, 2018.

  4. 10 testers will be chosen.

  5. Only open to the US, UK, and Germany.

  6. Review Requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to send us a link to your review within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing programs.

  7. Where to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, community, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.

  8. Soundcore reserves the right for the final explanation.

Winner Announcement | Test Soundcore Infini for FREE!

Hey Anker Fans,

Thank you all for taking part in the recent Soundcore Infini We Love Testing event. I was really impressed by how professional and creative your testing plans were—our community is lucky to have so many great content creators!

The 10 lucky winners are:


All the winners will receive a confirmation email this week. After you receive your Soundcore Infini, please send @AnkerOfficial a link to your review within two weeks.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part and stay tuned for more We Love Testing events.


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Sweet, I would love to be able to test this one out.

My plan is to test and review the soundbar on 2 separate videos as broken down below. I would post my video reviews on my YouTube channel, as well as Facebook and Twitter.Thank Anker for another awesome review contest!!

Video 1:
1.) Unboxing of the soundbar
2.) Setup of soundbar
3.) Ease of use, and testing of each input type
4.) Wrap up first video of the soundbar

Video 2:
1.) Present this soundbar and 2 other
2.) Go over the specs of each one
3.) Test and compare each soundbar at the same time against one another
4.) Wrap up testing each one and explain where they would be best suited for use and also ranking the. First second or third…
5.) Conclusion and final thoughts


I would love to test this Soundcore Infini.

my test plan:

  1. Opening box photos.
  2. Compare with my Infini mini on the exterior and sound.
  3. Connect it to my TV using optical link and test sound for both music, TV and films.
  4. Connect it to my Amazon Echo dot using bluetooth to test the connection and sound quality.
  5. Connect it using the AUX cable to an old phone to test sound purity.
  6. Compare the Infini Mini’s bass and Infini “bigger brother’s” better bass :slight_smile:

I have shared on Twitter:

Also I have shared this event on my blog here:


Connect it to my old Olivia 1080p 40" TV
Connect to iPhone, Note 8, iPad Mini and laptop via Bluetooth
Test a few music categories from classical to EDM.
Do a splash test. Just kidding.


Greaat giveaways :heart_eyes: Good luck for everybody :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


If chosen, my review would include the unboxing, setup, comparing the sound with & without the Infini, and testing the sound of different inputs & programming (sports, movies, music, etc).


The reason I want to product test this, is because I’m fed up of not being able to enjoy TV, plus I got new films to watch. It’s bad enough the TV takes 5 mins to turn on as standby will turn off, but takes ages to turn back on.

I will, finally complete a ten step program‽

Step 1, Jump up n down that I’ve been selected
Step 2, Sit down n take pain killers from jumping around!
Step 3, Wake up and wait for postman
Step 4, Try not to kiss postman for not losing it, and delivering it‽

Step 5, Photo unboxing, with comments.
Step 6, Set it up
Step 7, Get told off by fiancée for having up too loud! Oops, not again… Hehehe
Step 8, Write an honest review
Step 9, keep smiling, as I can listen to TV without straining, and asking for Jane… What they say?
Step 10, Enjoy.

Step 11, Pat myself on back for completing a TEN STEP program

Check out @macdaddybig’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/macdaddybig/status/1044227097315676160?s=09


My test plans:

Test with TV by watch movie and football game
Test it stand alone with phone with music.


min volume
max volume
max treble
max bass

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Excellent event @AnkerOfficial think you will get some awesome reviews from community members.

Wouldn’t mind a shot at being able to give this 100w beast a run…my testing plan would be as follows

  • Unboxing and general overview of the specs
  • Testing of the audio with my wall mounted TV and a borrowed Nebula Capsule, with before and after audio samples
  • Testing of audio via BT using an iPhone or iPad (though it could be possibly overkill for normal iPad video playback :grin:)
  • Likes / Dislikes / Possible Improvements
  • Final thoughts & how it size’s up against others on the market on a specs vs. price comparison

Review would be posted to my YouTube channel and a written summary to the community (with YouTube link)


Another awesome opportunity @AnkerOfficial!

This is right in my wheel house as I currently have the Infini Mini.

If selected, I would:

  • Run it as a comparison against the Infini Mini as well as a 2.1ch Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbar with sub.
  • Check for ease of setup, as many people come across setup issues when using various soundbars (optical, hdmi input, bluetooth, etc.)
    -Use the soundbar using various movies (action,horror, comedy/dialogue) tv shows and various types of music with varying ranges
  • Test it in various locations - Plaster walled room vs drywall, living room vs bedroom vs office space, open ceiling basement vs living room, outdoors with my Nebula Prizm)
  • Advise on aesthetic feel of it in various locations (my home vs in-laws home vs friends home)

Good luck everyone!


I have a 70" LG TV, and purchased a Sonus Beam to use with it.
My plan would be to test this as compared to the Beam for us watching Concert videos as well as action movies. And also compare to an existing 5.1 setup with amplifier and subwoofer that’s setup on same TV system.

And have i mentioned - I LOVE ANKER!

  • Be selected to test the Soundcore Infini
  • Document unboxing and setup of the soundbar. Compare physical dimensions to other devices.
  • Utilize various types of media (Movies, Music, Games)
  • Compare to other speaker systems (Sony Home Theater Soundbar, THX Certified Computer Speakers, etc.)
  • Report back finding in an unbiased, subjective point of view.


If picked, I would make sure test it out thoroughly: I have a VIZIO 32" TV , which I know thoroughly all ready and would be willing to invest in my own camera to record this as well.

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I would like to review your Soundcore infini.

My plan:

  • unboxing
  • easy of set up
  • initial experience
  • personalised set up and experience
  • conclusion and thoughts
  • highlights stand out features and experience

I will post on my Twitter and you tube channels.

Thank you for your consideration.

Shared on Twitter @rikmoto


Hello, have posted this event to my twitter channel - hope I get to test the Soundcore Infini

I plan to test this with my Visio M-Series TV in my living room, it is a big hall so will be able to test the sound quality and depth of the sound. This TV has optical output, so intend to connect via this input, to the Soundbar. Will be placing the soundbar right next to the TV, below the TV screen and check the sound depth. Hope to experience the Cinematic sound while watching movies. Also stream from my iPhone and S8 devices, so playout using the Bluetooth link.


My review would consist of a grading system 1-5 which I would upload to the shared page on my Twitter. I would consider:

Ease of set up
Sound quality
Compatibility (with devices)

Most importantly I would compare this device with the two sound bars (one Bose & one Sony) that I have access to, in all of the above areas, and create a conclusion of my findings from the results.


Exciting product with great features.

I plan to test this connecting to different sound sources like TV, Alexa, laptop mac etc for different sound types cinema, gaming, live recording play, youtube… etc.


Hook it up. I’ll take some pics from the unboxing, test with my Samsung un65f8000, connect my phone to it, stream to it from computer. Review it on Amazon!


REVIEWS!!! My Favorite! All in all this one seems pretty straight forward. First, when the package is delivered I would record an unboxing video showing customers what to expect when they purchase one for themselves, I.E What comes inside the box, the dimensions of the product and possibly the weigh, but most definitely which types of inputs the soundbar has and anything else that may come with it or be an optional accessory. I would make a list of all of the pieces that the soundbar comes with (and possibly someone may want to purchase to make it unique for them). After the unboxing video, I would do some sort of sound test, meaning recording how the Soundbar sound differs from the regular TV or just how it differs room to room, hoping the recording does the sound justice, but I will also detail in my review what I think of its sound quality (I a sound quality snob lol). I would then go on to test the soundbar in the different rooms of the house to see how the sound changes, if at all, from room to room. One room would be my bedroom, small, but with a great place to mount the Soundbar, the other room would be the kitchen, which is large and has no carpeting so the sound should carry more in there even though the room is large. The final room would be in the basement. It is larger than my bedroom but smaller than the kitchen and has a 64" TV so that should be the test that really shows how well this thing can perform. Just a note, in order to avoid any sound quality differences I will be using my Amazon Fire Sticks on all the TVs so that it is giving me the same quality each time. If #Anker would like, I will compare it to their Bluetooth speakers that I own, since they perform EXTREMELY well. After testing in all the rooms, I would come to a conclusion about what makes the soundbar perform best, I.E Size of the Room, room layout (carpet or hardwood), and whether or not changing the device one uses the soundbar with has an effect on its quality. My Review will also contain as many relevant Pictures of the inputs, outputs, the speaker itself, what it looks like set up, and another other I feel that will help the customer to better understand the product. In my opinion, videos are great, but pictures enable one to get a good look at specific and or important, parts of the speaker. I hope that it qualifies. Thanks again for the opportunity #Anker

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I would also like to add that I am a VIP Reddit influencer for #anker and that I recently applied to be an official Anker Influencer. Ty again @AnkerOfficial