Tesla patents new battery cell for faster charge, better longevity, and lower cost


That’s good then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:

So they got different chemicals, and now they have new ones that improve duration n power.

What about total charge cycles? Does that increase?

What does this mean for “normal” lithium batteries?
Phones, decices, etc

Seems to be an enhancement to Li tech, not a replacement:

"additives to the electrolyte in order to increase the performance of Li-ion battery cell chemistry.

It’s called ‘Novel battery systems based on two-additive electrolyte systems’.

“Two-additive electrolyte systems that enhance performance and lifetime of Li-ion batteries, while reducing costs from other systems that rely on more (5) additives. This disclosure also discloses effective positive electrodes and negative electrodes that work with the disclosed two-additive electrolyte systems to provide further systematic enhancements.”"

They get really technical near the end of the article… for those that enjoy way more detail

I really wish they would implement the use if graphene in their batteries as it’s proven to be more energy dense and efficient


Woah. That looks nice. Can’t wait for these to be released to the public!

batterys often degrade or freeze(crystalise), and you cant use them in realy warm temperatures i think so basically you’d need a replacement every two years… correct me if im wrong.

I think the future is hydrogen power.

No waiting hours to charge
No half life worry
No.problems with temperature
No problems with supply (it’s just water)

Only problem is mass production, and making the tech more accessible.

The test vehicles look great.

In fact, anyone else noticed, that hybrid n plug-in vehicles, look a lot better than the petrol versions.

This image comes to mind

Although I do think HHO gas generators paired with renewable energy hydroelectric solar thermal ect is a viable option. I do think that we need to dedicated more fossil fuel to the production of renewable energy components before we run out of oil.

Safe low pressure nuclear is a great option too.

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