Teen’s $1B suit claims Apple’s facial recognition software led to false arrest

Very interesting news and I do feel for the guy. It must be nightmare to have court cases in 4 states.
I never knew that Apple stores secretly tape the customers…



Good luck on getting 1 billion. Let’s just say Apple has unlimited access to the best lawyers ever, and this guy is probably on a 10k budget.

Apple has also always done well in court in the past. I doubt this will lead to much.

Thanks for sharing anyway! Definitely an interesting read!

Most likely it won’t proceed to that stage. Apple will most likely settle out of court.
If it does go to court, it will be pretty expensive for Apple since they clearly put this man’s life in danger.
Many a times high dollar cases are to force settlement rather than actual amount. 1B is not happening for sure.

No they didn’t :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Getting arrested isn’t dangerous :joy:

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What if police come to arrest you in the middle of night and you think there is an intruder.
You behave in self defense and are dead now :grin:

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Apple will find out of court settlement for less than 100k for the user, also the software / iPhone agreement has so many fine prints which we blindly accept during the iPhone setup, it is easy for them to come out of this case.

Yeah, I guess if I mistook the siren as a gun shot…

At least it will force them to rethink this facial recog issue
Any form of ID should have a picture in it. Why did they allow it to pass without pic…

They don’t play siren always

I don’t accept blindly :grin:. I read them all. Also, you are legally allowed to record people without there consent in most states. If the police decided to use this information, that isn’t apples fault.

According to the Wiretap Act of 1968 (18 U.S.C. § 2511.), it’s illegal to secretly record any oral, telephonic, or electronic communication that is reasonably expected to be private. So, for example, recording a conversation with somebody in a bedroom, with the door shut, on private property, without them knowing is technically a federal crime in the loosest sense.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this law that create some sizable loopholes. The biggest being the “one-party consent” rule that says you can record people secretly if at least one person in the conversation consents to the recording, or if the person recording is authorized by law to do it (like police with a warrant). If we go back to our bedroom recording, that means you could record your conversation as long as one person—you—consents to it. Sneaky, eh? But here’s the catch: you have to actually be a part of that conversation. If you were simply recording two other people talking while standing nearby and not saying a word, you then have no consent from any of the parties, and thus it would be illegal.

Source: https://lifehacker.com/what-you-need-to-know-when-recording-your-enemies-1795226719

Twelve states have “two-party (or all-party) consent” laws, meaning you cannot record conversations unless every single person in that conversation gives consent. Those states are:

New Hampshire
Washington (not D.C.)


Sirens cause unwanted panic and more harm… Face Recognition technology should detect intruder and alert the security with details on whom to check

Exactly this. Apple has more money then they know what to do with, so starting a legal battle with them can easily be squashed by them by stretching out the case and draining the Plaintiff dry. He may be able to get a lawyer/law firm that will do it on a contingency basis, but highly unlikely anyone would want to go up against them and drain their firm’s money down.

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I said video… not audio… I know you can’t just go record someone’s conversations… but you can record video without consent in most states.

Video is a form of electronic communication so No you cannot record that either. This argument will not hold in court

No it’s not. Electronic communications would be like a phone call, or a video chat…

Remember recently there was a case where someone was recorded in AirBnB (no audio).
Its illegal…
Usually in public places if there is a video surveillance, it is posted somehow.

Apple is greedy they will want to keep this case from gaining to much popularity in the media. They will settle out of court. With a 1B suite it may even get through out of court. Creating a lawsuit for 1B for this type of issue is ridiculous.

@kumar.sachin If you read the rules for AirBnB they even say an Inn Keeper can have cameras in the public areas including the outdoors. But they are not allowed to have cameras in the private areas (your rental area). If you do find cameras including hidden cameras you are to suppose to contact AirBnB and the police department because cameras in the private area without permission is illegal and against policy for AirBnB. All recording devices must visible and the renters must be notified before renting.

I use AirBnB and studied their camera policy before renting with them and still look for recording devices and use different tools and apps to check for hidden cameras.

Not really sure if this will go anywhere but thanks for keeping us all updated on some cool stuff

They don’t do that to a thief. Maybe do drug raids in the middle of the night though.