Tech goods you were critical of but really dig when you've tried them?

Been making the most of the UK sunshine this weekend by kicking back and relaxing in the garden with my SoundBuds Life and a couple of beers (noisy neighbours) :grin:. Now despite being critical of these when the FCC was posted a month or so ago (thought the band was a step backwards) I’ve noticed that these have pretty much got the most use over the past 2 weeks, whether it has been for computer / laptop or just for reading indoors, something my Slim’s were originally king of.

So here’s the question, what tech goods have given you a taste of humble pie once you have started using them, not just Anker but any tech based products?

Amazon Echo

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Android Wear.

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Anker SoundCore mini, the mini blue-tooth speaker with superior sound.:heart_eyes:


Me, too! I contemplated returning it when I first got it (I bought it early on… before it really did much). But now, with the smart home integrations, I use it every day and I can’t imagine not having it!


Desktop USB charging docks.

That damn thing is so useful.

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Can you share the purchasing link? :grinning:

was that to question for me?

If it is, it is this one.

Anker 10 port USB hub

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To the thread question I agree the 10 port charger is useful but it wasn’t surprisingly useful. I outgrew my 6 port which had outgrown a 5 port. It is exactly what I thought it would be.

Two phones, 2 tablets, 2 smartwatches, 2 BT headsets, and the odd Powercore recharge, it needs more than 6.

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You need more cables to support!:joy::joy:

Yes, that question is for you! Thank you for your link!:grin: