Target Exclusive?

is this adapter a Target exclusive, or can it be found at other retailers?:
Anker 2" Lightning to 3.5mm Audio & Lightning Charging Adapter - White

I have not been able to find any info on Anker’s site or any others.

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Never seen it before, maybe it’s a target exclusive

I have never seen it before. Someone smarter than me might have to explain why the one you listed is $34.99 when the other 5" (3" longer) one target has is only $19.99? (

Especially when I see the Apple version 2" one is only $9.99 at Best Buy (

The $35 one has a lightning slot for power in. You can listen to music and charge at the same time (see photo on page) which is what you used to be able to do when Apple phones still had a 3.5mm socket. Neat idea. I still don’t have wireless headphones, so sometimes I have to choose charging or music.

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Whoops, didn’t go past the third photo to see that :rofl:

So, the answer is no:

But that’s it. So, for practical purposes, yes. If you want it, get it at target. Even when looking for this type of device, there is a Belkin one which is about the same price and is bulkier. After that it is no-name manufacturers in that same vein: big square at the end of a cable. I did see one that was compact, but it’s a small T shape with lightning at one end and 3.5mm at the other, but then I thought that that is a bad idea when the headphones inevitably get pulled to full extension and yank out the adapter at a 90 degree angle. The Anker looks like the best idea. Only the price doesn’t thrill me. I might use the $35 toward a pair of bluetooth headphones instead if I were you.

At Target, the model number is on the box: A3520H21. Odd that this is not on Anker’s product page (, and searching for this number returns nothing. However, no sign yet that this is discontinued. A Brickseek search doesn’t show it at clearance anywhere ( Maybe just watch it for a while if you’re not in a hurry.

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I think Anker just dropped a hint of the exclusive deal right here on the home page. Interesting that they wouldn’t make a larger circulating press release, maybe they are waiting for more product to be in stock.
the item clearly featured in the rotator link: