Take Aim for Your Chance to Win a romantic travel fund of £1000/1000€

Hey eufy fans,

Valentine’s day is approaching and all of us here at eufy are really feeling the love. Our little love bugs have created a fun game that puts your aim to the test. Shoot as many hearts :heart: in 10 seconds for your chance to win lovely discounts and romantic prizes!

We want to send you and your loved one somewhere special so we will be giving away a romantic travel fund of £1000 :money_with_wings:. We also have 2 luxury date funds of £300 :money_with_wings: and 3 cozy dinner funds of £100 :money_with_wings:. Play the game, win coupons, and then use them on eufylife.co.uk. We will randomly select the 6 prize winners from those who use the coupons.

Follow the link below to play the game now. And remember, this is the only time you will be encouraged to break hearts on Valentine’s Day!

Our friends in Germany are also welcome to play using this link

Good luck!:wink::wink::wink:

eufy team


Good stuff for those across the Pond. Good luck yall


Awesome giveaway for UK/DE!

Don’t miss out on this one @MacBlank!


Wow very nice guys!! Good luck to our friends across the pond

Best of luck to all the UK / EU folks!! :+1:

Thanks for the mention guys, but I haven’t the money to go buying a spare robovac…

Plus with.my osteoarthritis, I’m useless at these sorts of games, and as prizes are ONLY for those who buy stuff (use the coupons) then I’m out to begin with!

Thanks tho guys.

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Great offer @AnkerOfficial
I was busy popping balloons on my lunch break and saved my coupon codes.

Oh I didn’t realise you had to buy a vacuum to enter :man_facepalming:

Ooohh, more games!

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LOL I am in the US and just playing it for fun

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What have you win so far? Lol

All three coupons…

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How lucky :rofl:

Same here.
But I don’t need another Robovac, but a fun little game none the less.

awesome giveaway! :ok_hand:

i played for the fun of it…good luck to our UK. and German friends

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I agree. I also enjoyed the claw game that I think was done during the Christmas months one year.

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Morning @Duane_Lester
I missed that one, I’ve only been active here since Sept 2019.

Am I being dozy cos I can’t see the game on the link ?!?

The game maybe ended, but the discount code is shared on the eufy website to all the visitors.

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