Tablet, Keyboard and Mouse?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Android tablet and just bought the Anker Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard without doing my usual beforehand/beforepurchase research. The price of this keyboard was inexpensive considering it paired with my tablet so fast and is really a nice addition to my mobility endeavors. Question–Can I add/use a wireless mouse along with my tablet and new keyboard,–for that matter–can you use a mouse with an android tablet?

I don’t have a Galaxy Tab S2, but according to this post, it appears that Bluetooth mice are supported. It also sounds like other wireless mice that use a dongle would work with a OTG MicroUSB to USB A cable.

I never thought of adding keyboard and mouse to my tablets. Can you do either one of those on the Amazon Fire tablets? I have three different ones.

I added the ‘Anker Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard’ to my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet–no problem pairing the two–now I am researching the addition of a Bluetooth wireless ergonomic(vertical/tall) mouse.