T8200 Lost the Bluetooth

After 3 month of operation my Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Wired) will not connect to Bluetooth:

  1. I restarted the device
  2. I did device diagnostics but it will not connect
  3. I pressed the doorbell 5 sec and passed the power test
  4. I removed & replaced the app but no change

I don’t own, but from your list I didn’t see unpair and pair. Uninstall app won’t remove pairing. Settings, bluetooth and forget / unpair. Then begin from scratch.

The eufy video doorbell doesn’t connect to Bluetooth?

Thanks. I don’t see the Eufy 8200 on my Bluetooth LG phone list so I cannot pair it.

Are you sure? On Device Diagnostics you can see it is trying to connect to the Bluetooth

So it’s both bluetooth and not. I don’t own but it’s not making sense.

When you pair a Keyboard to your phone Bluetooth the Keyboard appears on the Bluetooth list. The problem I am having is that my LG G7 phone Bluetooth will not recognize the Eufy 8200 and it will not appear on the phone Bluetooth list.

I don’t the own the product but just from your words I’d suggest restarting your phone.

I realise I am not being helpful, just suggesting common workarounds.

Thank you very much. I did restart the device but the same issue. I think I need to reset the device; however, I should wait to talk to Eufy support.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. My doorbell does not try to connect to Bluetooth, nor did I ever connect it to Bluetooth to set it up.

Are you per chance referring to wifi?

I dont own such a bell, but I dont think it’s connected by bt.
Normal WIFI 2,4GHz

I own the doorbell, and you are correct. It’s connected to my 2.4ghz wifi

Sometimes I am correct!

But only sometimes,.
(This is what my wife says) :rofl:

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As far as I’m aware the doorbell uses your home WIFI connection (2.4Ghz).

Is your phone on the same WIFI network (SSID) and not a 5Ghz variation as many routers provide both capabilities, with phone often preferring to choose the faster of the two as the primary connection…

Thanks everyone for your suggestions…My Eufy video & ring uses WiFi as well as Bluetooth. It is working now after several resets, app uninstall & install. Eufy service answered my questions after 24 hrs, but by then I was able to make it work.

Apparently, every time the Bluetooth connection is unpaired for some reason, one needs to go thru the reset steps to re pair it. This is not very smart.