T shirt email went out

Folks the email for your T-shirt size and address has gone out, check your email and get them filled out ASAP


Just received mine now as well. Exciting times! :grin:


It keeps coming up in a different language and I’m not sure once it gives me the 3rd page.

As long as you filled it out with your info, I think you should be fine

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Yes recieved mine :+1:t2::wink:

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Received the email as well. The best part is the T-Shirt size included in the email, per requests from community members :thumbsup:

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Done and done…in a better size this time around as well :grin:


Oh exciting i got mine i cant wait for my tshirt

not seen this

Yes just filled for mine :slight_smile:

We have to be level 7 or above😢

no fair lol

Just checked my email and still haven’t received anything :thinking:

As @graphicflowyt pointed, you need to be level 7 or over for this


I understand that but the top 10 with most likes would get a t-shirt as well and I was in second place with most likes

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top 10 of what?

Already filled it out. :+1:

I see what you mean. Yes you should be getting an email soon.
They just sent it a few hours ago so look for one.

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I will keep an eye on it

Thanks for the post better go check my email now and see if it’s there. Can’t wait for them I am so excited