Swollen PowerCore Elite 20,000

I had a Anker PowerCore Elite 20,000 that I really liked using. Unfortunately on my last trip I noted that the case was severely swollen and not feeling it was safe to transport given I was using mass transportation, I disposed of the item after taking pictures.
I was very disappointed in Anker Support’s response to my ticket asking if I could get some sort of replacement or discount. They said that since it was out of warranty and that I had disposed of it all they could offer was 15% any new item.
I’ll be looking at other brands to see if I can find something that holds up while keeping me safe.

Sorry to hear of your issue @purchasing23 however as the item was out of warranty (so 18 months older or more) and could not be returned for them to inspect I don’t really think its unreasonable for a company not to provide a replacement or discount on another item.

If the item could have been returned for them to determine if the issue was due to a manufacturing defect present at the time of purchase, then yes I would agree a replacement or suitable discount (higher than 15%) would have been warranted.


At least they offered you 15% off