Switching Soundcore Boost Between Computers

My wife and I share a study so I bought a Soundcore Boost to be shared between our two computers, both are Windows 10 and up to date. I successfully paired and connected using my computer. I then successfully repeated the exercise with my wife’s computer. When I tried to reconnect my computer, the Bluetooth & other devices screen shows Paired, pressing the Connect button caused Paired to very briefly show Connected and then reverts to Paired.

After some trial and error, the only way I can find to switch between computers is to use the Remove device button and then add it back again. Whilst it works for both computers, I feel I’m doing something stupid and hope there is an easier method.

Can anyone help?


You’re seeking multipoint, which the Boost doesn’t have.

You have to disconnect from one computer, connect to the other. The speaker itself will connect to the last connected computer.

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I’m not sure what multipoint means but I don’t think that is what I am trying to do. We will never want to have both computers connected to the speaker at the same time.

If I connect to the speaker with one computer and use it, switch off both the speaker and the computer, then switch on the other computer and the speaker again, the blue light flashes but I can’t connect unless I remove the device and then re-add it.

Does that explain what I have been trying. Sorry if I haven’t been very clear.


In your situation the speaker is keeping trying to connect the first computer. Eventually it will give up trying.

What is odd you needing to remove and re-add to the 2nd computer, you should simply be able to connect. That’s the puzzling part.

So this should work:

  • turn off bluetooth on 1st computer
  • turn on bluetooth on 2nd computer, connect.

or this should work:

  • press speaker pairing button
  • connect to 2nd computer

You should ever need to pair once only.

If I follow the scenario I described previously, I get the speaker working on the second computer. If I then switch that one off etc., I have to go through the same process top get the speaker to work with the original computer again. At least it is consistent.


Yes swapping , if you’re turning off the connected computer, then you should only need to connect on the 2nd computer. The puzzle is why you need to do anything other than that.

I don’t own the Boost but very familiar with bluetooth.

Multipoint is when a bluetooth device (e.g. speaker) can connect to two things at once. The Q30 headphones for example do that.

Some speakers even if they don’t support multipoint, you can in some situations hack them to work with two devices, I’ve managed to do it with two Android devices, when I connect a phone and then a tablet, then I can share it, but that’s accidental not an explicit feature. When I tried it with a laptop it behaved very very badly, but I was on Linux not Windoze.

Look out for multipoint features going forward if you want the most seamless sharing.

Both computers see the speaker as headphones. Does that have a bearing?

No impact on works / doesnt work connecting sharing.

There is an issue with sound quality if you use it in headset mode instead of headphones, which is an issue with some applications (Zoom I think) but that’s entirely a different issue.

If multipoint is a key need for you, consider using the early no-quibble free return you often get in most countries if you bought from certain sources (Amazon typically) and look for a speaker stating it has multipoint, however in general that feature is in higher cost products. The Q30 headphones are the first I’ve got from Anker / Soundcore with it, the Sony headphones costing $300 didn’t have it, the Bose QC35 did have it.

OK. I’ll keep trying different combinations / sequences. It is not the end of the world as it is and the speaker is very good.

Thank you for helping.


Something I did not think to mention … both computers are desktops. To enable bluetooth, they both have TP-Link bluetooth USB dongles installed. Could that be part of the problem?

No the dongles isn’t the root cause in this case. It’s simply the speaker will attempt to connect to what it last connected to.

Most of my Anker / Soundcore bluetooth products don’t have multipoint, and some don’t have a pairing button. The ones with pairing button are the prefered method as I press that then connect to the next device. The ones without pairing button it’s awkward as I have to turn off bluetooth from connected device first, which if you think about it not how you normally want to do it, you have the speaker near you, you have what you want to connect near you, you tend to not have the prior connected device near you.

I own the Motion+ and it has as bug “feature” where two devices do actually connect at the same time, they then fight each other causing the speaker to not work, I had to basically decide the Motion+ would only ever connect to one device via doing a reset delete all pairings. Your Boost seems to be doing some a little like that.

Thanks again. I’m out of ideas for the moment. Perhaps a new day will bring fresh enlightenment :slight_smile:


Hello, I bought Soundcore boost (model A3145) and got it today. I choose this one because in product description is written “Dual Phone Connection: Connect two devices simultaneously to switch between playlists.” It is on official Anker store on Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32831708006.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_groupList.8148356.7.747e2305ipcCWP
I was trying now connect two devices simultaneously but it is not working, like you said.

That product listing is just plain wrong, I’d report it within AliExpress.

You can switch but must disconnect / connect.

The only multipoint I know which works is the Q30/Q35 but they still need to pause media on one before playing on the other.

This is not possible so far.
Wrong description.
I dont think this an authentic ANKER published one.