Swissdigital Massaging Backpack | Special Perks for Anker Fans


Hey Anker Fans,

We spy our friends at Swissdigital are launching their massaging backpack on IndieGoGo :eyes:

You can check it out here: SwissDigital Cosmo 3.0 Massaging Backpack | Indiegogo

In addition to designing a super creative, highly functional travel accessory, they’ve made the good call to source Anker as their power supply of choice. We’re sure a lot of you are familiar with PowerCore 13000 — and it’s the perfect combo of capacity and reliability to power this massaging backpack as well as your phone for all your worldly travels.

Here’s the good news, and why we wanted to share — they’re launching their IndieGoGo campaign Wednesday 7/29 9:00AM EDT and they’re offering a secret supporter perk for all Anker community members.

As an Anker fan, you get the backpack and a PowerCore 13000 for an extra 39% off. Seems like a good deal to us.

So if you travel, have all the latest accessories, and a little muscle soreness from carrying it all, click on this link to check it out!

Power On!


This sounds like a nice perk for the buyers of massaging backpack :ok_hand:


Great partnership.
A massaging backpack, sounds like a great idea for those who travel a lot.
27% off is a great discount to be offering too!

The irony.

A bad back is due to poor posture, and self awareness training is the cure.

Backpacks make for bad posture as the spine tilts forward, the head back and makes spinal issues worse.

So yes, load up backpack with heavy items, bad back, so you swap the backpack which causes the back problems with one which masks it via massaging.

Ask any doctor should you use a backpack with back problems…

If you must wear a backpack then get one with a wide comfy help belt, with a wide band to the front, not the narrow one of this type, tighten it and place weight on hips and slacken shoulder straps to help keep weight off the spine.

Bad lower back:

  • lose weight, less weight on the spine from the weight of the torso.
  • bend the knees rather than bending back, and turn at the hips / knees not twisting spine. Usually you find people say knees hurt because they got overweight, and have both then bad knees and bad backs, the cure is to lose weight and use knees more and back less.
  • don’t use backpacks, if you must then hipbelts focus on weight not the shoulders, and of course if you’ve not yet lost the torso weight then the hip bones are not that easy to load.

The weight of the bag really matters here. There is no way to avoid carrying a bag of some sort around the facilities I work in. Classic computer briefcase style cases carried on one side aren’t actually better than a backpack, except in so far as they are smaller so you can’t hold as much weight. Just different.

Got a backpack that would strap onto my rollaboard / carry on easily, so I don’t have to carry it through airports. And I try not to overload it. But I can’t imagine regularly using one that had the extra weight of some sort of massaging system that is unlikely to be that effective anyway.


Not much of a use for me. Just got a nice Targus backpack from BestBuy which has good padding which makes me stay in better posture. Plus anything heavier than that will end up ruining my posture


Looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

I agree, I didn’t even know massaging backpacks were a thing

I get so angry when I see little kids carrying huge heavy school bags full of books.

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Kids carrying books isn’t a bad thing.

But yes ultimately it’s a bad back if you carry a lot on your shoulders. Evolution has not yet caught up with our ancestors walking. We have a double S in our spines and a common source of issues. Backpacks better than shoulder bags as at least symmetry.

I agree with this. It is ridiculous that many young children are carrying around heavy loads of books to move between classes. Especially pre high school. In so many cases, you don’t even need that math or history textbook with you while the teacher is just talking about the subject. You end up lugging around 5 or 6 books just to look at each one for a few minutes during the school day.

One of the joys of homeschooling is that that is completely unnecessary. And a lot of people are discovering some of the other joys / pain points during this pandemic too.

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I see this would have a lot of potential for users in cities, during work days waiting for their bus, trains, relaxing massage while going to work, returning from work, walking home back from commute… I think I might go for it, once we return to work to office, which is not until end of 2020 :worried:… Not the best of times for a launch.

Powercore 13000 is a good addition, may be a 3-in-1 Cable would have made it a bit more interesting :wink:

Cool item but not one for me. If anyone from the forum gets it, I’ll be interested on hearing their thoughts

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I visit every Tuesday my Physiotherapist, much better than such a pack. :smile:

Lol I need an upgraded back

Hmm, need to think about it :slight_smile:

Nice perk! My problem would be wearing the back pack more just for the massage then actually carrying something lol.

It’s actually 39% off if you click on the link to the ‘secret perk’ in the description :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a backpack to go grocery shipping recently because out local market (about a mile walk) won’t allow re-usable shopping bags but a backpack is permitted. I just ordered one to hopefully make that walk home from the market more comfortable. And I have no doubt that it will be a help when we can travel again.