Swedish language support

Any plans for swedish language support in the Eufy security app? The security cams are sold here in Sweden so it would be great if you could fix that :slight_smile:

I never used the app and don’t know which languages are supported there!
But I suppose all Swedish people speak English perfectly, don’t they?

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Such an overlook unfortunately

Regarding manuals.

I am writing manuals for a company.

What the company usually does : automatic translation into English
Result a horrible English manual.

English is not my mother tongue, but I would say even for those speaking English perfectly
these manuals are often not understandable.
When I “translate” these into German these are of course much better than those
automatically created English ones. :wink:
But I would prefer transcribe a human written one.

Conclusion : Even in the 21. century you need human beings sometimes! :rofl:

Their English isn’t too brilliant either sometimes.

But accept it is a challenge either you learn English (2nd most used language behind Chinese) or someone fluent in Chinese+Swedish does a perfect translation. With less than 20% of the 10 millions Swedes not fluent in English that’s less than 2 million struggling.

It certainly would be respecful to try.

Perhaps you could volunteer to translate for them??? Solve the problem with your help?

Personally I struggle with their tiny print and often don’t read their manuals, but accept the complex products require it.

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There must be made a difference.
Mother tongue and those who are “able” to speak.

I speak German, a little bit English and Portuguese.
I am able understand some Spanish and Italian
and I can read the restaurant menu and the road signs in France! (Important!!!)

I can send you one of my magnifiers (I have great collection!)

Yea sometimes I gotta read the Manuel when putting things together but they are worded so bad I end up just looking it up on YouTube

Don’t try to understand, just see the humour in translation