Swapped cables with my sister by mistake

i have an iPhone 7. i had an apple lightning to usb charger that worked fine. while dealing with a family illness, my sister and i mistakenly swapped phone cables. hers is anker. i cannot seem to get my phone to sync with my computer. are there differences with the anker vs. apple cables?

Hi, sorry to hear that you have a problem with an Anker product. The Anker cables have a MFi certification and they are much more robust than the appel cable.
Did you try another cable or the cable with another device? And your mobile phone on another PC?

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Sorry to hear about your family situation. I almost said that you scored with her Anker cable vs your Apple Lightning cable. :stuck_out_tongue: First off, check your iPhone port to see if there are any lints or whatnot jammed in there. Second, are you plugging the iPhone directly to your computer or to a usb hub? I ask because some cables do not play nicely with hubs. If these are not the cause for why it’s not syncing with your computer, then I would suggest you try another lightning cable… it could just be the cable is defective. I’ve come across numerous occasions where a cable would work on one device but not another. I’ve learned the hard way to stay away from generic cables that are not MFI certified, especially for Apple devices. Point being, not all cables are created equal. Hope you find the solution you needed. :slight_smile:

All Anker cables are mifi certified, so I’m not sure what the issue would be…I would definitely not use the hub and go straight to your computer though!

Have you tried flipping the Lightning head over?

You might also try different USB ports on the computer or try connecting to another computer to see if it works that way. I know its weird but for some reason my wife’s iPhone won’t connect to one of the ports on my notebook but it will connect to the other 3 and the ports on an old 2.0 hub.

On my other computer all the USB ports on the hub and computer connect and sync with Apple and other certified cables.