Surviealnce Station and Eufy 2C


Are all Eufy cameras not supported for continious recording?

Ask there, more specialists!

Hi @cmcgilvery to me knowledge you can only specify a maximum recording chunk of 60 seconds for the Eufy range outside of the 2K indoor camera, which can from what I read do continuous recording to local or NAS storage.

Perhaps @tank can confirm?

Only when set up for Nas storage would you be able to record continuously with the 2k indoor camera, but just like if you set it up for home kit, you are limited to 1080p and not the full 2k recording

Hi @tank thanks for the response.

It’s just the 1080P version 2k ain’t availabe in Australia yet. Ran into issues at start with dynamic vs static IP address, switched to static, no problems at all now.

Just thought you could extend the range of recording so you could do live, and work it like a camera dashboard for the elderly parents, i look after, like one goes down stairs they can see if he/she is ok, so they can view what’s around. But seems to be more trouble than worth.

Also would suck up more power doing the live version on a Monitor to, I read.

They are not very computer illiterate at 86 years old, but just something simple.

Synology works ok at my end for timeline recordings, just trying to work out the rest.

The baby monitor would be great In that aspect as it has a portable screen to watch the camera feed

Heat pipes Vs fans. Constant use of anything causes heat. You can use heat pipes to allow for burst use, non-constant, or constant lower power, or add fans for constant use. Just like phones, laptops.

The cells of battery powered die faster if allowed to get hots long periods.

Water-resistant means air flow isnt allowed so outdoors has more challenges than indoors for constant use while also higher power.

I suspect this if for engineering reasons as is, what you ask would have to be ground up designed for it, a different product.