Super-Strong, Super-Affordable | Up to 25% OFF

Are you tired of cheap cables that break, fray, and fail in no time at all? Hate taking emergency trips out to buy more cheap cables, repeating the process over and over?

Well, we’ve got some cables for you! Our Premium Nylon-Braided Lightning Cables are positioned perfectly at the crossroads of extreme durability and ideal affordability. We bent these things over 5,000 times in lab testing, ensuring that they’ll last 5 times longer than the average cable. With a tough and tactile nylon exterior, you’ll experience a quality you just can’t get with a generic cable.

We put so much faith in our cables that each one comes with a lifetime warranty. This might be the last cable you’ll ever need to buy! :astonished:

Our customers on Amazon have weighed in with rave reviews:

To make it as easy as possible for you to pick up a durable, sturdy, frustration-free cable, we’ve reduced the already affordable price down even further. Just follow the links over to Amazon to check out these deals while they last!

Power On!

(25%) Anker Premium Nylon Lightning Cable (3.3 ft and 6 ft)
Valid period:from now through June 11th

(15%) Anker Premium Nylon Lightning Cable (3.3 ft and 6 ft)
Use Code: AKNYLON6
Valid period: ended

(20%) Anker Premium Nylon Lightning Cable (3.3 ft and 6 ft)
Valid period:from now through June 11th


Was just going to post about these for the UK because I didn’t know other countries were included too. But the UK are getting the rough end of the deal here :fearful:

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This’ll come in handy as I was going to buy a new one this afternoon.
But definitely think all 3 countries should of had the 25% off.
Seems like the U.K. drew the short straw on this one.

Ordered one in the UK, slightly strange with the different discount levels from the US to here, although not as bad as the difference on the Soundcore Flare speaker!

$59.99 on

£69.99 on

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We def got the short end of the stick but … still a great price for a great product :+1:t2:


Pretty good deals. :slight_smile:

Just ordered 2 3.3ft in red


:point_up: @AnkerOfficial you mention the sale goes on til June 11 but my email says may 30th


Yes! Ordered mine already. Can you make blue Nylon-Braided cables? Its my favorite color.

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Is the Premium Nylon Braided Cable a renamed PowerLine+ II?

I’m a bit confused with the name. All cables have been PowerLine and now all of a sudden we have this cable on offer :neutral_face:

edit no it’s not. Just had a look and both cables are different.

Are there any other new cables in the pipeline @AnkerOfficial? Apart from USB C - Lightning (which everyone is waiting for) I can’t see what else you could do with a cable apart from maybe light it up.

I think the PowerLine+ II is the perfect cable, what else can you do to make a better cable?

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The premium is double braided instead of single braid slightly thicker and with squared connectors at the ends instead of the rounded connectors on the powerline+ II

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Yeah, I wrote it and then thought well go and have a look lol
Amazing price for a lifetime guaranteed cable :grinning:

I prefer the rounded edges on the powerline+ II IMO it looks better and will prevent snags but also like the double braiding and wish they would merge the two cables and offer more colors but I’ll take what I can get :grinning:

@Noel_Taylor,@Oggyboy, @Macgyver15

Thank you to let me know your concerns.

We also want to unify the discount price in different countries, but it is difficult to achieve :blush:.

Because each country has different inventory and sales strategies. So it’s hard to manage it together.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s because we decide to extend the deals date for our community fans.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me too!
Product manager, did you hear it? Please make blue Nylon-Braided cables for us!:nerd:


You will see more cheaper USB-C cables, and C to HDMI cables online in the next two months.:grin:

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@AnkerOfficial So there are no plans for PowerLine+ II USB-C as it stands right now?

They said PowerLine II in blue is enough. :laughing: