Sun shield for eufyCam 2C

Hi there

Just recently bought the eufyCam 2C after having my bikes stolen from the shed.

Installed one cam facing the shed, safely beneath the roof overhang of the house.

I want to put the other one on the side of the house to monitor the driveway and side door. It is mainly south facing, so it receives sun about 75% of the day.

I’ve read that it is best not to put the 2C in direct sunlight, so I started looking for camera shields/hoods. Found a few on Amazon but the common issue pointed out in comments is that the underside of the shield interferes with the camera’s night vision - the infra reds bounce back into the camera.

Anyone have experience with those kinds of hoods or have a recommendation? Some have mentioned just positioning the hood higher, but I wonder if that comes at the expense of being shielded from the sun.