Summer vacations, holidays?

When looking out from my window, I feel a great desire for summer.
All full of snow, no spring in sight. :sob:

So our summer vacations come in my mind.
We have already booked, flights, houses and car.
But there is a lot of time untill August.

We will visit the Acores islands as usual.
We do this since many years.

And you, any plans? I’m curious! :slight_smile:


I chose to live in a place which is warm and dry, semi-arid.

I miss the green grass and the smell of wet earth though, so my summer plans are to visit friends and family. Pack an umbrella.


In just 4 short weeks me and the family will be headed to North Carolina…still slightly cold but warm enough to enjoy it. This will be my first true vacation since my son was born 11 years ago. Never had the money or resources to just be able to up and leave work for a week. So this will be a much needed break as well as scouting to see if it’s a place we want to live in. If we do decide to move I gotta try and make it happen before school starts back up in August/September


This year, we may have 2 vacations… MAY

1 might be a quick 2 night trip in UK
2nd would be a quick honeymoon.

just taking a train or bus ride and not worry about the day to day bs is a vacation for but I’m kinda looking forward for camping season in August

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I’m trying to plan a trip to Europe in June so I have a valid excuse not to go to a recommended conference at my school. I’d really like to go to the Netherlands but the plane tickets might be really high right now.

My friends and I are doing a guy’s week trip for deep sea fishing in August of the coast of Destin Florida.

In April I have a photo shot in Hot Springs Arkansas. My brother’s jeep club is doing an offroad rock crawler weekend and they want me to photograph their rigs in action.

Also to this summer or early fall. My photographer friend and I might take a road trip to south west Texas or or travel into into New Mexico/Arizona to explore ghost towns, abandoned schools, churches, and medical facilities out in the desert.


I’m heading to Hawaii for vacation this summer and I can’t wait! :sunglasses:

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Good luck with the move.

From the time we decided to move til we had settled in the move was a little under 3 months. To have the kids in their school we missed it by a week late having decided to pull trigger in early June. I was in North Carolina recently and yes they do get snow but nothing like as bad as in Maine.

For the adults the hardest part is packing and cleaning (to sell, rent out or get deposit back if rented), the physical relocation is not that difficult and moving in is not that difficult (crate 1 = what you need immediately, crate 2 = what you need afterwards, crate 3 = etc, so you unpack at your leisure). For you son it is likely being the new kid and making friends so make him “cool” in any ways you can think of.

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Islands are always great to visit.
A kind of micro cosmos,
surrounded by the sea with a lot of fresh air.
I really like islands so much, different from the city I live.
No air pollution, much more silence, not so many people.
But it depends where you go of course.
Whenever too many tourists show up, the peace is gone very quickly.:disappointed:

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just got back from a 7 cruise to cozumel, belize and Honduras. Diving in Honduras was amazzzzzzing.
Had the whole dive boat to myself, the cpt and my dive master.


I’m really jealous.

I was in Mexico and Belize 35 years ago.
Funny indeed, as I used to speak a weird mixture of Spanish and Portugues and in those days of real youth I had full black hair.
(Now all white and not so many left :wink: )

So the folks there thought I was from Brasil or Argentina l!!!
Becoming a real “true latino”.
All prices went down to a “friend level” :grin:

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Do you write proses and poems for fun?

I don’t know what I want to do in the summer. But this Friday it goes to Barbados to enjoy the sun.

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Be careful not to get a sunburn!:wink:

Going to Cuba Wednesday. Chilling in the sun :palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::sunny:

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This summer doesn’t look like it’ll be much of a vacation - I’ll be taking two classes and working part-time.

On the bright side, I’ve never spent much time in Cambridge outside of the school year, so it will be nice to see my city when it’s warm for once!