Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation in regards to schools happens at different times around the world.
when is summer vacation in your location?
Where do you plan to go? By car or plane?
What Anker gear will you pack with you?


I live in New York, summer vacation started 2 days ago for me. I am going to Maine this summer to see family, we are going camping, hiking and mountain biking for the 4th of July. My astro e5 coming along with 2 Anker lighting cables. I should get a solar panel, any of you have one and care to share experiences? should I buy one?

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I have been out of HS school for 7 years now so I have no idea when it is around here exactly. But from what I recall it is the first week of June till mid August. As for my vacation spot, I will be going to the Grand Canyon to hike to Havasu falls, it is a kind of a best kept secret within the Grand Canyon, located in the Havasupai Tribal land. It is a long hike to get to the area, but it is beyond words in its beauty. I have been here in the past, this will be the first time I will take Anker products with me. In particular the Powercore 10000QC and the Anker 21W solar panel.

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Get the 21W solar panel it works great and charges devices pretty fast. I use it to top up phones and charge battery packs.

The 21W Anker solar panel gives about 2A 10W in strong sunshine so on a sunny day with it out a lot pointing sun you’d get say 5 hours of sunshine so about 50Wh or 10Ah or 10000mAh per sunny day.

Then compare the weight of the 21W about 17oz with its cost vs the battery alternative and weigh it up.

As a rough guide if its just your phone you want to keep going then you’d need to be some days say > 4 days to be worthwhile lugging the solar vs just a bigger battery. In a group of two each with mobile this comes down.

Batteries of course work when there’s no sun so is more a consistent reliable method (if you take two).

For most people doing car camping or just a couple of nights, solar is not worthwhile, its more for longer trips, larger groups to pay for itself in less battery weight alternative.

It’s a good post! I’m happy to know everyone’s summer plan and trip itinerary.:confetti_ball:

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I just got back from a week at the beach! :sunrise:
I’m very happy that I packed a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to listen to on the beach as it was a huge hit! Plus it allows me to keep my phone in a bag and out of the sand.
I’m not very happy that I didn’t pack a higher SPF sunscreen because I’m peeling like crazy now. :joy:


High Schools in my region of Canada are writing their finals right now and they are officially done at the end of June for two months. We will be doing out annual trip to the US at that time and will travelling by truck pulling out 23 foot trailer

We are going to Farragut state park for 10 days of relaxation. During this time of year we see lots of people flying two flags as we celebrate Canada day July 1st and Independence day on July 4th.

I haven’t decided yet if I will bring my brand new Soundcore boom or my original soundcore. I don’t want to take the chance of having my new speaker go missing when out and about. I will definitely be bringing my soundbud slims for morning walks while everyone is still sleeping.


Pocket protector, or a conceal carry holster. Your choice :joy:


dude… :laughing: that is NOT what skin is for!


that’s hilarious! please tell me that is tape

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Wow… you definitely have me beat as far as peeling is concerned! :astonished:

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I’m curious to see your self portrait.:joy:

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hey just joined the forum. Love talking about vacations. always interested in where other people like to go. My last vacation was in England. We went to the Suffolk area. Rented a really beautiful holiday home for the 2 week-long vacation. The scenery there is amazing and it’s pet friendly. Planning a trip to Thasos this spring.

Welcome to Anker @onyalora I have been somewhat absent for a couple years on the forum but really enjoyed it when I had more time… I always check to see if I have a message though…You will enjoy dealing with Anker as their service is the Best! We are Going to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in Feb and can’t wait!

Saw this thread and it made me a little sad. This year I have not left the city where I leave. Because of this goddamn pandemic, of course. It’s really sad. Because I like traveling. On the other hand, my vacation was not so bad. I live in New York and one of my friends told me where to find luxury vacation rentals in NY. There was a swimming pool, a restaurant and many other cool stuff. So I had not so bad time. I even think that next year I will do something similar instead of traveling somewhere far away.

Sshh there is a small secret. Bicycle. None know within a few weeks exercise you can bike 120 miles/day so you have a 11,000 square mile area you can explore each day.

Add a tent and it becomes effectively all the land you can cross.