Suggestions for best Desktop/Wall Charger to use with four Raspberry Pi 3B+

Working on a little project where I’ll be running four Raspberry Pi 3 B+ devices – each one will be connected to wifi and will have various USB peripherals. The raspberry pi website recommends that each unit uses a PSU with a current capacity of 2.5A. Any suggestions on which desktop/wall charger would work best for this? If there’s a spare port or two that I can charge a phone or power bank, that’s fine – but quick charge isn’t really the important factor, rather, being able to support the four raspberry pi units. Thanks!

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Pick one of ther USB power adapters that has 60W power supply. Make sure that the one you are getting outputs at least 2.4A. PD ones has 3A output.

PowerPort 6 Ports
60W 6-Port USB Wall Charger for iPhone

PowerPort 10 Ports

PowerPort I PD with 1PD and 4 PIQ

PowerPort+ 5 Ports USB-C

PowerPort+ 6 Ports

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