Suggestion- improved status LEDs

It strikes me that Anker could differentiate themselves by making better use of status LEDs on their PowerCore and PowerPort ranges.

I would welcome the addition of a multi-colour status LED at each output. This could be used to show the status of the charging port, for example:

Flashing green: Device in output charging normally
Solid green: Device in output fully charged
Flashing amber: Device in output charging sub-optimally - poor cable
Flashing red: Device in output not charging - port, cable or device malfunction

Being able to tell at a glance that you are getting a good charge, or more importantly that there is a problem, would be extremely useful.

What do you think?


Great idea!

This sounds awesome!

I like lights which can go out and not on all the time. Bedside situations.

That is a great idea! Especially for detecting problems, having a multi-colored LED would be helpful.