Suggestion for site improvement - check in

Good day community,

Having befallen to the mystery of the visit community PB / points dilemma, I think I have an idea as to unravel…

Create a Checkin button on the profile tab for users. Have it greyed out when time has not sufficiently passed, have it blue and clickable if the 24hr period has elapsed.

Possible @AnkerOfficial ?

Thanks for considering,



Honestly a nice idea. And something that shouldn’t take too long to code up

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:thinking: Good idea. Will take it in consideration. Let me talk to our team.


Cool idea!

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Not a bad idea at all

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Decent idea there @TheSnarkyOne :+1:

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I realized it was a thing last year when the numbers came out for visits for the year. I know I was here every day, but I guess I didn’t do enough or did it “too soon” from my visit from the day before. Great idea @TheSnarkyOne

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