Suggestion for failed push notifications

I just purchased a 4 camera EUFY Security system and find it fantastic and easy to setup, but I am having some difficulties with the Alarm Push Function.
First problem I am using and Oppo Phone and the push option is always a bit difficult.
Second Problem, when I bypass the Battery save function in the OPPO to allow push, I have a massive battery drain.

Possible solution,
Email to alert.
I have been using TENVIS internal cameras for about 10 years and they send an email with 6 photos of the alert in the event of an activation, this has always worked effortlessly and without the battery drain, when I get the Email alert I look at the app and see the live feeds.
Could this function be added into the firmware?? It would really help with difficult and High battery usage problems as an alternative if push is problematic. You could choose to do either Push or Email or both.