Suggestion for eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt

Sorry if this isn’t the place for this, first of all. This is a suggestion for the Eufy Cam app, but is specifically geared towards the Indoor Cam Pan/Tilt.

I really like this camera, a lot. So far I’m not having any major issues. I use one of my Pan and Tilt cameras on my enclosed porch. It is PERFECT for monitoring package dropoffs and people in general coming to my front door. I decided to use this camera vs. a Doorbell Camera (DBC) because there’s no way a DBC can monitor package dropoffs the way my porch is set up and I don’t have many people ringing my doorbell in general.

I would really like it to motion track the people coming in to deliver and for the most part, it actually does well doing this - however, what I find is that if it moves out of focus, for example, if it tracks the person putting the package down on the floor, sometimes it gets “stuck” focusing on the package and doesn’t ever move back to the “original” view or focus of the camera. Hitting “Calibrate” fixes this. I have another product that has the option to return to the view or focus setup in the activity zone and I find that this is exactly what this camera is missing.

If we could get an option to “return to” so and so view after a set or even adjustable amount of time, that would be awesome. The idea is to get the camera back to the original PoV after it has moved ‘out of place’ after a set/adjustable amount of time.

If there’s a way to do this already, please tell me how! Thanks.


I don’t have an eufy camera, I have a competitor’s and it moves back to its original spot once it’s not tracking anything anymore so yea, having eufy do this on its own would be so helpful