Suggestion: Earn XP and PB by buying Anker products on Amazon

So, I was reading the Level Up Party! thread which led me to taking a peek at the chart on how to earn XP and PB as well as the Level Up chart. Shouldn’t users also get rewarded for actually buying Anker products?

I’ve been buying and evangelizing Anker products since 2012. Looking at my Amazon purchase history, I’ve purchased 56 Anker items so far totaling over $1,000. Shouldn’t that be worth SOME experience points? Like if we submit order numbers?

I’ve also purchased Anker products via eBay (AnkerDirect) and Best Buy, but let’s just stick to Amazon for now since the bulk of Anker sales happen through Amazon.

Just a thought.


This is truly a great idea! I feel like it might be better (and easier) for Anker if they made it exclusive to their own online store ( @AnkerOfficial, @AnkerTechnical, this is an awesome idea!


Yes, great idea

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Not a bad idea at all! I’ll hold off all anker purchases until they incorporate this :joy: jk

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I think this is a great idea, but I think that you should only get XP and PB if you use a link found only on the Anker community.


This is an excellent suggestion! XP and PB tied to purchase dollar amount.

As it-is, it is already tough to get these points/ bucks, will be interesting to see how Anker would put together the scheme for purchases.


This is a great idea… will be great to see people getting rewarded for their loyalty towards purchasing anker products. The more you spend actual dollars more PB and XP you earn, just like any other loyalty program @AnkerOfficial what do you think.


This really is a fantastic idea. I have so many Anker purchases that it would be awesome to get “Loyalty PowerBucks” Chevy does it when buying another chevy vehicle, why not Anker!


I agree with everyone else and I’d love for Anker to implement this


To do this, wouldnt you need to link your Amazon account with Anker?

Such as FB n Anker, so Anker can see when you post about Anker etc. For them to know when you purchase an Anker innovations product, you’d need to have linked accounts.

It wouldn’t work sending in order numbers… Why?
Anker don’t reply now, to forum issues, and from what I can tell are becoming quite slow in supporting users who email direct.

If they’re struggling now, they’ll pop if they had to process order numbers and also work out a value scheme… In all currencies, as Anker prices vary country to country. Would mean Anker spending some profits on a second employee! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think that’s why people were saying purchases and only :wink:

Which would make it US only…another can of worms opened :grin:

Do kinda like the idea though of PB rewards for product purchases…perhaps they could start to put some sort of redemption code in products (on the happy / not happy card) which you can redeem for PB on the community :thinking:


The problem with that is it would also include free products.

This can be automated without human response. Anker should already have all the Amazon order numbers.

BUT, I’m all for the idea of purchases only. This way more people buy Anker products directly from Anker without going through Amazon (where Anker has to pay them hefty fees).

That’s a great idea! I agree with you :ok_hand:

ANKER.COM Doesn’t sell products in all countries, they do it via third party dealers.
I still like the Points redemption codes on Happy/Unhappy cards, this may include free products, but you did won those products and you are eligible to claim ownership and why not the points as well?

No voting needed for the decision as 100% positive response.

@AnkerOfficial need to consider this request. Benefit to Anker would be few more one time customers will end up returning customers.

Some stores like Walmart put the surveys on the receipt, I never did one but it’s there. This is one way of doing it.

Other stores and gas stations, let you earn points while you shop and fill up, over the time they are worth a free car wash or pay off part or full of your gas bill. I use this all the time as I go to the same store again and again since I like their service.
I see Anker in this spot as well.


Excellent articulation of points!!! :+1:

This will surely attract some attention from @AnkerOfficial :crossed_fingers:t2:


I THINK it’s possible, could be set like a cookie/affiliate link type resolution.
Some automation might even be able to be implemented. via an Order # submission, AFTER using the order is processed.

Nothing is impossible.

Any developers out there that can spitball some ideas?

:sunglasses::open_mouth::clap: YOUR A GENIUS
Didn’t think about this fantastic idea

Yup, the Happy/Unhappy cards sound like that could be a possible solution. I’m not too picky about the methodology. Although, if Anker used Amazon data, and they could retroactively issue XP and PB, then I’d get boatloads of them. :smile: