Suggested product idea - combined stand + BT speaker

I have an idea for a new Anker what prompted this was the internal speaker finally died on my smaller tablet and I’m watching BBC news on my tablet with the Anker Soundcore Nano now in bed and I think I’d buy:

  • a stand which I can drop my tablet on
  • built in stereo speakers either side of the stand
  • these connect via BT but there’s also an Aux cable so you can cable these also

So have this at the center:

and either side is a bit like the Nano

On the left and the right for stereo.

What I’m thinking is a combined tube with speakers at each end and a lip in the middle to hold the tablet up. This would then be good for travel where you can prop the device (phone, tablet) on the lip and you made a little like a laptop with better speakers.

Would anyone buy this? Anything better to add?


A stand could be really useful for a long time travel, or you can buy a Karapax Rise Case, it can also help you have a good watch experience on the trip. I personally use this, wonderful!

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I like your thinking. I would definitely find this useful

That would be cool!

That’s actually not a bad idea :wink:
Wouldn’t it be a little bulky and heavy?

What is an “iphone”? Is that better than the OnePlus ?

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I got similar case before, not from Anker though.

The weakest point of that case was actually the stand and the hinge. It broke at 4,5 months of using. A dropping on the floor did it. Not sure how the Anker case would hold, but I’m worried for any case that have moving things in it.

Oneplus is a flop, at least in Canada, a LG G6 with promotion can be easily cheaper.

And of course an iPhone is better, at least Iphones don’t send my information to China.

I got the karapax rise case and I gave it to my coworker and she loves it. She uses the stand on a daily basis and it’s just as tight as the day I got it. She said the only she doesn’t like is that she lost the included caribiner

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Nice, good to know that case is of great quality.

The phone case would be my last phone case.:smile: