Suggested new hack

Saw this on a different forum, if only they would my life would be so much easier lol :joy:


Um, yes times a million. But then the market would crash all over again

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Yeah but I’d be able to say I’m debt free for once in a loooooong time lol

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LOL, that would be nice, right? But I agree with @elmo41683, it probably would not be so good for the financial markets.

I wouldn’t be mad about this. Would have been more helpful before I paid off my student loan, but I still wouldn’t be mad about it now.

right, it should say “PEOPLE NEED TO STEP UP THEIR GAME AND THINK!” Seriously, you can not wipe everyone’s debt and have anything good come from it. For an entertaining answer to why I suggest you watch The Big Short. What SHOULD happen or should have happened is to have the top 1%, you know those rich people that are always getting tax breaks because “Trickle Down Economics works” (it doesn’t) Lose the tax breaks for them and make a law saying everyone with over X amount of dollars, needs to contribute X amount to the rest, aka they need to RAISE taxes on the rich. anyway