sudden extinction

My A3143 device suddenly shuts down while listening. What can it depend on?

Hi @mor_an does the speaker have a full charge? Also do you get the same behaviour when used with any other audio source?

Is it this speaker? If it then it about 4 to 5 years old. I am assuming it may be age of the device and potentially with the amount of useage.

Other question may be is it coming back on or does it dead? Are you next to it or are you moving away?

If this is the speaker, the speaker has bluetooth 4.0 and that is getting older as well. If you played it a lot, it could have had issue with internal components as well.

The good point is that it broke down right before Christmas so there will be lots of deals out there and you can probably find a good speaker at a decent price.

What happens when using the AUX-Cable?

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Hello Neil, the device was actually discharged but it has gone out also while charging. The strange thing is that yellow (recharge) and red (battery low) lights alternatively blink for a few minutes when charging begins. Furthermore the charging time as become longer than usually. In my opinion it’s a battery pack problem.

Yes, it is. My device is black but it is Anker A3143. I bought it about 5 years ago and I like a lot how it sounds. Now it’s in charge and after 4 hours it isn’t ready yet, once it took less time to charge.

I only use it with bluetooth

I had this very first Anker speaker, but gave it to friend.
He still is using it so far I know!

But yours!
May be the battery is really dead after 5 years of use.
If so, I would try to replace it.
I remember :
The front can be removed from that speaker easily.
Are there any screws to open it that way.
Another idea, often screws are hidden under the rubber feet at the bottom.
You may take a look.

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