Success : Upgrade Qiana -> Ulyana

Upgraded my LINUX MINT from Qiana to Ulyana. (Lenovo 420S/ 410 from 2012/11)
The deadline (updates) of Qiana was last year.
Ulyana will be supported til 2025.

OS AND WIN? :rofl:


I just wiped the drive rather than upgrade, makes for a clean system, I’m on Ubuntu 19.10 which is a fork of Debian Buster 10.4

I’ll wait a little while longer then format and install Ubuntu 20.04

Because open source is technically and commercially superior in every way to any other OS, it is of course free and stable and easy.

I was not clever enough for MacOS or any of those complex non-free versions, Windows (I think they call it, I just its called Windows as it keeps breaking) . :slight_smile:

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I call it “Windoofs” (you understand German) :rofl::rofl:

The “tricky bt” got much better.
This was always a weird thing to get it working.

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