Stuff to improve my Anker reviews

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share with you some things I recently bought, in order to constantly improve the quality of the reviews I write for Anker products.

I think that having great writing skills is a must-have, but you can’t really buy it right? Haha so I just try to do my best to describe the product and its specs.

What I can improve though, is the quality of the pictures I take. For that, I recently went shopping on AliExpress for these 2 items :

Do you have any suggestions of other things I can buy to improve my reviews? What do you guys use as a camera or as equipment?

Thanks for your feedbacks !


You have any pics of the box lit up with an item in it. Looks like a great option.

Love your thinking. These look great and I think I’m going to go shopping later lol

I might get a set of lenses too that clip on the phone

I’ve just got a smartphone gimbal stabiliser this week so gonna see what sort of awesome things I can do with that for reviews.

Maybe try some fancy sweeping angles for any video reviews that I do :slight_smile:

Not yet, I should receive it within 3 to 5 weeks… That’s AliExpress, not Amazon Prime haha.

I’ll take some pics when I receive the items.

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Oh that would be really nice yeah ! Great for video reviews. I haven’t made one yet.
Not sure I would have enough to say in front of the camera ^^

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Nice set of stuff for under €10, interested to see what the results will be on your photos when you get them…might consider picking something up myself now we are getting into darker winter months :smile:

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Comparing my video reviews with others it seems the most important is to have manual focus camera. Autofocus often misfires like as you bring hands into shot, or reflective surfaces makes the odd focus on the reflected surface.

Antione, where do you post most of your reviews?

That looks like 2 of the light boxes I have from a crowdfunding. This looks like it’s a generic version of the Foldio. I am currently awaiting the Foldio 3 shipment. These work really well and are easy to set up. Check them out. Their Foldio360 is really cool too. Here a some examples using both the Foldio and Foldio360 that people have taken.

You could have splurged an extra €5-6 and got it on if you were wanting faster…

Just ordered myself on Amazon UK, if it’s not up to the job it can always been returned :smile:


Great topic, I’ve been think about this a lot in the last week. Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap beginner photography equipment to shoot b-roll video? For example small sliders and tilting tripods.

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Hey @pickering.drew, most of my reviews are written on Amazon. I took this habit back when the PowerUser program was focused on Amazon.

I also sometimes relay it on Instagram and Facebook.

As of today I only take pictures, so I don’t really need a manual focus lens. My OnePlus 5 does a great job.
Maybe I’ll buy a macro lens to clip on my phone, but I’m always skeptical of these lenses.

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I have a bunch of them that sellers have set me and I’ve found that unless you have a really good one it’s hard to get decent results from a lot of the cheap ones that flood the market.

Ok thanks for the help and i’ll make sure to check out your amazon reviews.

I received a part of my order ! Here are a few shots of the photo studio, and how it looks with an Anker product inside !


You’ll notice that the LED strip is powered by a PowerCore 20100 mAh :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s just awesome

Forgot to mention that the studio comes with 2 rubber covers. A black and a white one, depending on the color of the item you have to shoot.

I will try to shoot a white item tonight, but I didn’t have time yesterday. I will update this post with pics !