Stuck on blue screen

I got the cable to hook my note 9 to the nebula via hdmi. It hooks up and displays a blue home screen that asks you to make sure you have the corners aligned. Everything looks good but I cannot click “OK” I can move the pointer around. But cannot click anything. Tried running updates, and rebooting. Please help

Is this a generic cable or Samsung branded cable? I’m going to assume its generic, you should be able to tap on the text field on your phones screen that brings up the on screen keyboard oil n which case you can click enter and that should work.

Alternatively you can pair a mouse or keyboard to your phone and use that for controls

It is a generic cable. The enter button didn’t do the trick. I’m using the app for the mouse and it moves the cursor and works perfectly fine on all the wifi stuff. But we want this for when we’re camping, so that won’t work when we have no wifi.