Strike 3 Review

Soundcore Strike 3 Review

Many Thank yous going out to all of you who recommended the Strike 3's. I love them. I did have a minor issue when it came to installing the software to control the "speaker" position, but I figured it out eventually. The problem is that the site they give you for the download, has a file that is stored as a RAR file instead of a ZIP file and you need a program to work with RARs (on windows 10), but can right-click and extract any ZIP. Anyway, the sound is immersive! I love my Vortex, but they were not built for gaming and wow is there a difference. Once I set the speaker's positions in the app and chose the EQ I wanted, I turned on the Dolby Atmos for Headphones program and that gave them an even better kick!. Playing Warframe, cause it's the only game I play, I can hear things I didn't before with the Vortex. These separate sounds so they end up being more clear and you can hear that person in the back left whisper "Get him!". Apparently the quality of the mic is also very good, what I mean is my friends all say they can hear me much clearer and without background static. I love the fact that not only can you turn the mic off with a switch located on the cable, but it also disconnects totally from the headset (crazy Anker), so if you are watching a movie or something you get the 7.1 surround sound, but you don't feel like a goofball with the mic sticking out the whole time. It is also extremely flexible, to the point where you can bend it towards or away from your mouth and it will stay. So I said you can turn off the mic with a switch, but you can also turn on/off the 7.1 and turn the volume up/down. I understand why they plug in via USB instead of Aux and me kind of like it more because fewer and fewer devices come with a simple Aux input these days.

  • Good Price
  • Great Sound Quality/Features
  • Nice Fit
  • Detachable Microphone

Glad you like it @SlyBandit247 !!

Haha, hopefully these background voices didn’t distract you while gaming. :joy:


Thanks for your review @SlyBandit247! Would you mind adding some photos to the review for users who haven’t seen the headset before?

Also you could post this on the soundcore forum as well :grin:.


I hope that was a joke lol. I said that because I was using them while playing GTA5 and you can hear all types of random comments coming from different directions at different levels. It’s really cool and the app allows you to change the speaker location, it should upload that info to the headphones so the app doesn’t need to keep running unless you need to make a change, but that’s besides the point!

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Ugh, I’m not even sure I have a Soundcore profile, but I’ll do it for you buddy. Yea I didn’t post pics because in the post where I asked about these the guys posted more than enough photos. @TechMan who is the admin on that Forum? I want to change my username Soundcore’s Forum with Pics

The admin is Loz. Me and @Duane_Lester are the moderators.

I can change your name for you. Message me on that forum.


I am guilty of posting a lot of Pics for Strike 3 on the post you referred :joy:… But only to answer the questions you had.

But you can always post your pics in the review you write :+1:

Great review @SlyBandit247 :+1:

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Pics are always great.