Stream currently unavailable

" It looks like the stream is currently unavailable from front door camera"
Anyone having this issue? It was working fine and now it does not.
(I am asking Google assistant to show camera’s )
Anyone resolve this issue?

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Same issue… was working fine then stopped about a day or so ago. I’ve re-linked cameras and everything to no avail

I’m hoping I hear back from technical support with a fix for this.
It was working very well for 20 days the next morning stream is unavailable. Seems strange. We cant be the only 2 experiencing this can we?

Hopefully they are working on fixing it

I also had my camera streams working on a fireTV and that is also now coming back with a camera unavailable. This seems like an issue on Eufy’s side. Let me know if you hear anything about a fix.

@BigKarl @Hal4 @ikari04warrior

Hey Guys!! So sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

To address your concern, the issue seems to be fixed from our engineering team.

Please try again and see if the issue still persists? In order to further assist you, please feel free to email us your eufy account and the serial number to

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you! Have a good one!

Those are good news

All the same, stream is unavailable, for 3 weeks! Please help.

Sent, waiting reply. Thanks in advance