Strange network activity from my Eufy Security Cam Base Station

I’m seeing some strange network activity from my Eufy Security Cam Base Station. It keeps attempting to reach out to (Google) and (China based DNS service) for DNS queries and it looks like they’re looking up several NTP servers around the world. The reason this is strange is, I have a DNS server and NTP service in my home network, and both are advertised to my Eufy Security Base Station using DHCP options 5 and 42 respectively. Is anyone else observing this behavior? I would like to know why my base station is asking for services from the Internet that I already provide in my network?



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I wonder and ask myself since 10 months, why my homebase is extremely “on duty” and the lan port blinking like highspeed and 24/7 - even if none of the cam currently is recording or any internet service obviously is or should be active. No minute since months where the LAN Port is not blinking and on heavy activity - only if i turn the homebase OFF … i mean REAL OFF - but even then i am not sure if the homebase isn’t still sending to china :thinking::crazy_face::scream:

… maybe anker/eufy used HUAWEI chips?! :rofl:

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@Hendricm2006 I’m seeing the on mine with a unreplied status…once I use the Eufy app the entry ceases and is replaced by several other IP’s that the Eufy app seems to utilise…at a guess I would say the Homebase keeps running a DNS lookup to keep the connection alive and active so the Eufy App can find your Homebase…

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerTechnical can confirm?

Ehhhhm … nowerdays Big Brother isn’t american anymore … it’s a chinese now! :rofl:

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Hello!@Hendricm2006 Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the system. Since it is a really rare case, could you please try contacting us via and provide us with the related device info? Our support staff will forward your issue to our engineer team for a further analysis and checking. Again sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and thanks so much for your valuable time!

Use WireShark to monitor the connection and see if it can shed any clues as to what it is doing.

Yep I see the same IP address too