Strange Movements lines in night vision

I see with night vision of eufycam e stranges Lines in movenent. Without infrared vision i don’t see this thing. Anyone happend this?

Try cleaning the lens

Also try cleaning the infrared light.

Good one! All those things should solve the issue

Ok i will to clean the lens, the strange things is if will be the dirty how is possibile to observe this movement? If is the dirty i don’t see the Line fixed?

Hey @Pav82

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

In this case, could please send us a short video to so we can assist you further?

Please also let us know the serial number for the camera device :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your support. Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks for the support. I’ Ve been send the mail

I suppose it is a fog. Got the same videos when there is a fog outside. Doesn’t need to be very strong but the infrared light will cause the look as it it on your picture.

Is possibile beacuse in this season in the north of italy some Times there is fog. In this days not but when i make the video it will be few .

That was actually my first thought was fog hitting it and making the lines. The second thought streas from moisture on lens

This winter we’ve had a lot of moist and foggy days. I’ve seen similar lines as well. They look like small bugs flying around.

They don’t show up in the daytime video, but you can see them in the IR.

Finally after more days of check the final result it is fog problem. In the following days no more problems with ir in night vision. The eufy support contact me immediatly to know all the problematics. Very good!