Stolen/removed cameras

When motion-triggered footage is captured, is it stored anywhere else other than the camera? If the camera is stolen, is there any way to retrieve the footage?

Are you referring to the doorbell or actual cameras?

Footage for the EufyCam cameras is stored on the Homebase. You can also steup storage to a NAS system and/or in the cloud if you wish to pay for a subscription.

You also have the ability to download the footage via the app to store on a device of your choice.

I’m referring to both the floodlight and the Eufy Cam Wire Free HD cameras (

I’m just researching ways to secure the footage by sending it offsite. I understand I get a notification sent to my phone, but if the camera is stolen before I have a chance to review the footage, it’s gone. I’d like the footage to be sent to another location. A hidden NAS might be sufficient, but online somewhere would be best.

I’m still waiting for my wire free cams to arrive, but didn’t see anywhere with the floodlight any mention of a cloud subscription option or the ability to send it to a NAS, but maybe this doesn’t apply to the floodlight.

The notification on your phone is to alert you (so you can watch live and/or review footage remotely), the footage itself is sent direct from your camera to the Homebase (or NAS/Cloud)…so you should have accessible footage of an attempted or actual theft.

According to a post from Sept this year here by the official technical account, eMMC storage is used for the Floodlight and would require you downloading the footage via the app, as it is treated as a standalone device which connects direct to WIFI.

NAS drive support is also not available for the floodlight.

If both the camera and the Homebase are stolen before accessing the video, the footage would be lost, hence my preference to send the data offsite. One of the selling features of these devices is not needing to pay for a subscription, which is indeed correct as it’s not essential, but to me it’s certainly preferable. On the other hand, I can’t understand why the Eufy cams (and all other brands as far as I’m aware), don’t allow uploading the footage to cloud storage other than their own servers. Perhaps it’s possible to setup transfer from the NAS to cloud, which I’ll investigate.

So I can review the cost, can you please provide a link to the cloud service (I can’t seem to find it anywhere)?

Also, I now understand the floodlight is stand-alone, but can’t understand why it’s not a true part of the Eufy ecosystem utilising the Homebase and features. Sure it’s nice to not need the Homebase, but not being able to send the recordings to a NAS/cloud also exposes the vulnerability of the camera being stolen and footage being lost. I had no idea when purchasing 2 separate Eufy kits they wouldn’t all use the same platform (i.e. the Homebase).

Thanks for your assistance!

The exclusion of the Floodlight from the Homebase/NAS/Cloud has been mentioned by a few users as it does make is a less integrated part of what should be an integrated system. Perhaps it is something which could be added later via a firmware update but only time will tell on that one.

As for the subscription prices, you would be best to create yourself an account on the EufySecurity app you will be able to logon to the web page where subscription options are available for your region (prices might vary). The last time I read up on cloud storage they offered two plans;

A Basic plan gives you 30 days of storage for one camera for $3 a month or $30 per year. The Premier plan provides the same video history up to 10 cameras for $10 a month or $100 per year.

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Thanks for the link. I’m going to investigate a DIY NAS/cloud backup solution first, but if necessary might go with the annual premier plan for $100 ($US I assume - I’m in Australia).

True, the prices above are in US$. You should check the pricing in your region by logging into the website @ndalby provided.