Stockpile Anker

A very colour coordinated delivery from amazon earlier today



Hmmm…for some odd reason, I feel a compelling need to stand on my head. :thinking:


You dont need to now :rofl:


Nice haul! What did you get?


Great stuff @pfrodsham
What’s in all the boxes?

Nice I have a stack like that sitting on my table right now. What did you get we are all dying to know

I definitely see 1 lightening cable 3ft long I’m guessing. Maybe 1 more cable about 6ft long in the bottom box and 2 other things

That’s what I’m guessing for two and not sure what the other two could be

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We may never know

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Close … PowerCore Slim 10000 PD; a PowerPort III Nano to charge it; plus two cables USB C to Lightning Cable (1 ft) and USB C to USBC (6 ft)

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Cheers @Shenoy iOS doesn’t seem to like adding images in their original orientation

I’m sensing a new community competition format here … guess what’s in the box to win the prize. How about it @AnkerOfficial?

That could be pretty cool to do. There is several ways it can be done to. :thinking:
You could even make it into an auction style.

Sounds like a very good idea! :thinking::laughing::+1: Let me talk to our team