Stereo Pairing 2 x Soundcore Flare Mini Speakers - how to


Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere, I just wanted to add some detail to how to do this manually based on my limited experience of getting my new Minis to pair in stereo, and given the App doesn’t support this model yet, plus most discussions I have found concern the Flare and not the Mini.


  1. Charge your 2 x Soundcore Flare Mini speakers. Turn off the bluetooth on your phone or playing device.

  2. Turn each speaker on by depressing the power button. If you have previously connected the speakers to your phone you may want to soft reset each speaker by depressing the power button for 4 secs when powering them up.

  3. Turn on the bluetooth of each speaker by holding down the bluetooth button for 3 secs. Each speaker should now be flashing a white bluetooth symbol. I think white flashing means they’re ready to pair with another speaker. A blue flashing bluetooth symbol means they’re ready to pair with a phone or other device.

  4. Leave the speakers to find each other and pair up. This can take upto 20secs, or more in my experience. Be patient!

  5. Once they’re paired one speaker will indicate a solid white bluetooth symbol, the other should now be flashing a blue bluetooth symbol.

  6. Now activate bluetooth on your phone, or device, and scan for available devices. Then pair with the available Soundcore Flare Mini speaker. Once your phone is paired, the 2nd speaker should noe indicate a solid bluetooth symbol.

  7. If this has worked, one speaker should now indicate a solid white bluetooth symbol, the other a solid blue bluetooth symbol. If so they’re now paired in stereo!

This is based on trial and error on my part. If anyone has anything to add or correct please do.

Many thanks.

  1. The speaker with the white bluetooth Light will be the Right channel. So just remember white is right.

how do i pair soundcore2 with soundcore flare mini at a time with phone & play song together?

Flare Mini got TWS as paring option with another Flare Mini.
Does this soundcore 2 have any option to be paired with a second one?
If so, is it TWS or Partycast?

yes, soundcore 2 have an option to be paired with a second one.

So if this speaker got TWS it can be paired with another speaker of the same type an hard/software version.
If it got partycast it should be possible to pair with other partycast speakers

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may i pair sound core 2 with Soundcore Flare

Dont think so.
Take a look at the message above.
You may also ask the forumners at the soundcore forum.
Your question will be answered there also.

Thank you sir 4 u r valuable advice.